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As Ben's fireteams trained in sim, you caught a glimpse of the discipline and battle prowess of Mandalorians. Yet as revealed by Daniah in Chapter 32, not all Mandalorians are deadly warriors, for they pursue a variety of paths. So just who are Mandalorians and what do they stand for?

In the world of Herald of Fury, Mandalorians are a clan-based people made up of members from species across the galaxy, bound by a common culture. This culture initially centered upon battle and conquest, dominance being the source of pride in their community. However, it outgrew this notion to focus on self-surpassingness, continually achieving beyond what one has done before, even beyond what one's clan and all Mandalorians have done before.

The Mandalorian is an advocate of change, of a superior personal and public reality. "Clans" now are organized according to the path of self-surpassingness they adopt. There are three such paths: (a) physical strength and prowess, (b) artistic expression and exploration of life's broad experiences, and (c) intellectual achievement and technological development. The three clans are organized in local chapters, fitted to the galactic sectors within which Mandalorians travel and dwell. In all paths lies reverence to the Ginzanosh, or 6 realizations.

(1) My Chains are my Own. Whatever state I am in, I can use my will to improve upon that state.

(2) My Path is my Own. Whatever advice I hear and whatever suggestions or threats I am given, it is ultimately I that makes my choices. I alone bear the glory and the blame.

(3) My Challenges are my Wings. Without the resistance of the air, the bird could never fly. So I too cannot progress without adversity. If my growth is to continue, there can be no end to the challenges I face.

(4) My People is my Heart. I will help Mandalorians along their paths, as long as they do not greatly interfere with mine.

(5) My Knowledge is my Gift. I will share my lore-my knowledge-so that those coming after me will walk beyond where I have trod. I will not hold back the tides of change.

(6) My Honor is my Soul. I will strive for fairness in any path I choose and I will keep my oaths. I shall honor those who helped brought me to my current stature.

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