Chapter 26

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Large gray eyes watched her lips as she chewed her gum. He long stopped following her lead as he watched in awe and his eyes widdened as she blew a large bubble. She smiled as it popped and she continued over again. They have long since been freed from the confines of the room once Aidan disbarred the door and they got a hold him tackled him and shoved him out the room on his rump.

She was a box of surprises he enjoyed discovering something new everyday about her. They sat up till wee hours of the morning talking about everything under the stars. He was mesmerized by her intelligence and sweetness.

He felt whole being around her. Every chance he got after training, he would spend it with her. Their every waking day they grew closer. Their growing attraction for one another was evident and all knew the Lord of the Keep was truly falling in love with her and no doubt she of him.


She found herself one morning idly walking the out skirts of the keep and ended up before the beautiful river at the east end of the fortress. She neared a tree and leaned against it. She took in the beautiful scene with so much joy. The calming ripple of the water was so peaceful.
So engrossed in its beauty, she never heard the light footsteps that came near.
Strong arms gently wrapped around her waist and pulled her close. It startled her but the rapid pounding of her heart settled with the husky familiar voice.
The warmth of his breath near her ears sent a tingle down her spine to her stomach.
He nuzzled his lips at her neck and kissed her lightly.

"You know, t'is very dangerous for a beautiful lass to be out here all alone.
She can be captured and taken away." He whispered near her ear.

She lowered her eyes with a smile and shuddered with his closeness.
"I've already been captured," she spoke softly.

She turned slowly to look at him and all her senses flew with the sweet wind that brushed over them. His seductive glare and sensual smile jarred her enough to send a quiver down her stomach and slight pulse between her thighs.

"No love you've captured me."

He closed the short space between them, pressing her gently against the tree. He lowered his lips to hers and claimed them with so much passion it wrung a light whimper from her.

The softness of his tongue brushed against hers and he moaned.
"I have never wanted a woman as much as I want you" He whispered. He trailed kisses down her throat. His finger trailed the length of her back caressing her squeezing her close.

Her heart hammered hard in her chest that he felt her pulse racing as he gently grazed his lips past her neck to her collar bone. Her heavy breathing only enticed him more as he pressed her harder into the tree and glided his hand over her breast. She shuddered and felt her nipples harden.

It was too much for her to bare. Her fingers glided through his thick locks of hair guiding his head and his lips to hers. How she wanted him.
But she gently stopped the kiss and looked up into his eyes.
"We can't do this Duncan," she breathed trying to clear her mind.
She stepped away from him and looked away.

"Why?" He frowned.

"Its too risky."

"A risk I am willing to take,"

She felt his gaze on her. It was penetrating, erotic and so right.
He closed the distance between them carefully and slowly.
His finger glided over her shoulder pulling her blouse down. His lips kissed her there. She moaned.
Between breaths she tried with little effort to convince him that they couldn't do this.
"We could alter the future," she panted as his lips pressed against the nape of her neck.
"I will take the blame for any changes," he squeezed her closer and slid down her sleeve on her left shoulder raining kisses over it, leaving a trail of fire over her skin.

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