Chapter 9

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"Cam can I go to the party?" I asked when he came I to my room to borrow the hair dryer.
"No C there's too much stuff there that I don't want you involved in." He was combing through his hair looking at his reflection in my mirror
"Who's all going." I asked acting like I didn't care. I mean I didn't I just was nosy..I guess.
"Everyone as in..."
"Everyone except you Hayes and skylynn." he smirked putting my hair dryer back.
"Ugh." I groaned leaning back against the pillows most of my night consisted of watching Americas Next Top Model and eating pizza rolls which were my favriot. I was also on FaceTime with Lycia while we were both watching ANTM and ribbin on people. She was always there for me when I didn't want her to be and when I needed her. You can't get rid of your bestfriend. If there a true bestfriend at least. Because all my life I've found it is more than possible to lose a lot of good people and/or bad people.
"Lycia I have this like scar on my butt and it hurts." I said shoveling a pizza roll in my mouth.
"Send me a pic later and I'll look it up."
"Kay." It was just on the side of my but cheek. it's not like my whole butt nude or anything.
"How's your dog?" She asked. I have a white and black english bulldog named Nelly. Cameron bought him for me when Rachel died so when he couldn't be there I'd always have something. I named in Nelly because when he was givin to me Hot N Here by nelly was playing. He's just a little puppy actually 2 but that's still a puppy. To me at least.
"He's cute and fat. How are YOU doing?" I asked
"Cute and fat." She smirked. I laughed loudly "no how's you and Cam?" Her and Cam weren't daiting but they were talking. She's never had a boyfriend so she comes to me for advice. And who knows Cam better than his own sister.
"cute and-" she started until Interupted her. "Please shut up."
She laughed loudly "things are going really good I think he likes me a lot."
"He does like you" I said picking a pepperoni off of the plate.
"Well I know but I. Mean I think he likes me a lot." She blushed
"AHHHHH" She screamed along with me. I laughed "I'm gonna go get in the bath tub love you lots XOXO"
"Bye babe"
"Collete!" someone yelled waking me up out of a dead sleep.
"Huh.." I groaned.
"Come feed your dog. I need to go somewhere." it was mom. Of freaking course
"Alright." I said putting on some sweatpants since I was only in my underware and slippers. When I got downstairs she already had her purse and was wearing a black dress. Too dressy for the grocery store.
"Where you going?" I asked trying not to tick her off. She stared at me a minute with no response. "Somewhere I love you.." Then she walked out of the door shutting it behind her. I sighed "right"
"Nellyyy" I called usually he would already be barking and clawing up the cage but he wasn't. I walked into the room and he was looking up at me with his ears flat on his head his tail not moving at all like it always was. "Nelly." I knelt down and poured some food in his bowl setting it in the cage. "Here." He was a very fat dog he always are even when he wasn't hungry and now he wasn't touching it at all. "Nelly." I said "here." I pushed it toward him but he backed away and layer down.
"CAMERON!!" I screamed loudly. He was upstairs asleep but not that hard to wake up.
"Collete why are you yelling it's 11!"he came I to the room then looked at nelly then at me. "what's wrong" he knelt down beside me.
"Something's wrong he wasn't excited when I walked in and he won't eat." I said wearily.
"Maybe it's a virus C." He said petting Nellys little head.
"No he hasn't thrown up. He's just a puppy."
"Okay. I'll drive him to the vet." he sighed walking back into the kitchen. I scooped up Nelly carefully in my arms and grabbed his carrier.
"Come on baby" he winced a little as I set him inside which upset me.
We walked to the receptionist desk and told her what was wrong.
"Okay last name?" She asked.
"Dallas." Cameron said fiddling with a pin attached to the counter by a string.
"Okay. You can be seated and they'll call you back when they're ready. may I see the dog?" I hesitated then handed him protectively to her. "Thanks." She smiled pearl white teeth at me.
It'll be okay. C." Cam smiled. I smiled back then about 15 minutes later a nurse walked back allowing us to come back. There were faint dog barks in the back of the place. Cam and I walked into the room where Nelly was laying on the table. I gasped
"No no no it's anesthesia don't worry." The doctor reassured me. I sighed in relief.
"Well we ran a couple of tests. And We found a tumor in his lower abdomen." my eyes geared uncontrollably. Cam put his hand on my back."I'm sorry but he has stage 1 cancer." Cancer. That word is like a bullet itself. Except nobody knows what it really mean until it's applied to your life. I sighed okay don't cry. You'll get through this just do everything you can for him. Cam and I walked out and he told me to sit while he handled the receptionist.
"Okay how much?" I asked opening my wallet.
"$527.69" she smiled. She would smile.
"Um..." I closed my wallet.
"Sir?" She called but I couldn't speak. "Sir are you alright?"
"Cam what's wrong?" Collet walked up beside me "how much"
"$527.69" the lady repeated.
"Um I call mom. Go sit" she said walking outside. I did what she said and sat down. This will be great. Collete walked back inside,"oh she's pissed" I sighed isn't she always? "Lovely."
We waited about twenty minutes then mom stormed in narrowing her eyes at us. "How much?" She snapped. The lady mumbled the price casually, then her "pissed" blasted off full time. She slammed the money on the counter crumbled the receipt and walked out. We stood up and followed her guessing that's what we should do.
"What the hell! I had things to do!" She yelled at us in the parking lot.
"Nelly is dieing!" Collete screamed "what else was I supposed to do?"
"Dogs die Collete!! Get out of dream land!" She snapped back
"SO do people!! What is wrong with you! Your so-" Collete was talking then mom pushed her sending her falling backwards.
"Hey!" I said standing in front of Mom separating her and Collete. "Collete get in the car." I said sternly. She looked at my face for a while then nodded and climbed in the front seat of my car.
"Mom you need to chill out. I mean it." I said
"You don't tell me what to do!" She screamed jamming a finger at me. I just turned around and got into the car. "You okay?"
"Yeah cam. Thanks." She sighed
"It's my job I'm supposed to."
"I know...and I love" She acted like something was really bothering her.
"Was that the first time she's hit you?" I asked as she stared out of the window. She didn't answer
"No." I sighed. She didn't tell anyone I was mad and confused and really sad because it's my job to protect and watch out for her she's my baby sister. But before I could say anything else we were already at the house and she got out of the car shutting the door behind her. I stared blankly up at the sky through the windshield. There was no moon out. Funny how the sky is still lit up without a moon.

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