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Talkhi zuban ki chir deti h dilo ko...
Fir insan muskurata toh lekin hasta nhi..


The due on the leaves were coated proudly.
Shining bright covering the beauty of nature. The flowers swing in each direction with the breeze matching their vibe. That burning ball was hiding behind the clouds smiling at this naive natures torture on those small plants.

And there the breeze took a turn blowing away her room's curtains... peeking at the beauty who was gawking at the dancing flowers with bright eyes. And uff her that smile... even the sun blushed leaving behind a reddish colour in the sky.

Her hourglass figure was covered with a thick shawl. That she carried very styling. She looked like a Queen with a small invisible crown that was visible only to those who carries a heart.

The breeze tried to do some torture on her cheeks... caressing them.. making them.... red.. with some natural blush.

The her fate smirked and played an evil plan. The knock interrupted gaining her all her attention.

She turned around to meet the devil of her life. Who smiled ear to ear seeing her favourite toy!

"Malika E Takhat aaj meri chokhat pe kese?" Asked Noor with sarcasm dripping from her sentence.

Malika E Takhat, the old lady with nothing just arrogance and greedyness was clearly seen on her face.
She smiled at Noor. She could only do that.

"Ap bimar ho jayengi Noor... band kare khidki..." Said Malika E Takhat.

Noor chuckled and said, "beemar toh zinda log hote h... murde.. toh sirf daffan hote h"

Hearing this... Malika e Takhat gulped nervously and felt hesitant.

"Ab btaye bhi..  aj kitne me becha h muje aapne? Kya daam lagya? Munafa hua kuch?" Noor asked removing her shawl.

Malika E Takhat glanced at the exposed waist which carried someone's cruelty... marks on her smooth skin.

Noor took some calculative steps and sat infront of the mirror.
Untied her hair. Leaving them daggling on her small back.

Malika E Takhat was looking at her with different emotions. Was not she born to rule? Than why she is suffering all this!?
Was she should be the next heir like her mother? Than why she is here in this kothi... being a slut for all those bastards who live on the earth to be pleasured?

A tear escaped from her eye .. remembering the harsh words of Noor's mother. But less she knew... the silence of an innocent one's are heard by the one who created this world.

Ek masoom par jab zulam hota h toh uska Arsh kaanp uthta h.

Malika e Takhat took a long breath and moved out of her room.

Noor was humming a song... while pushing her churi in her soft hands.
The jiggling of those churis made her chuckle. This small things would make her smile. Even this non living things sheds tears on her fate.

Meanwhile again a disturbance entered her room named Ciara.
She pouted at Noor. Noor lifted her eyebrows at her.

"Bss bhot hua.. aj me kachori kha kar hi rahungi!" Ciara said whining as Malika e Takhat banned her from eating kachoris!
And Ciara's tongue always craved for some spicy food items. She is such a foodie and Noor's only friend.

"Noor.. tum kyu tayar ho rahi ho?" Ciara asked locking up her payal.

"Fir kisi ki pyaas banna h" Noor answered looking down.

Ciara caught her tongue for her stupid question! Where did they live? And what was their job? Didn't she knew?
Ciara squeezed her shoulder and said,
"Umeed na haro..  koi toh madadgar zarur banega..."

"Meri jaan ciara..  ye dunia siwaye azaab ke madadgar nhi banti... yaha roohe.. kabz karli jati h or jismo ka sauda hota h...jhuti h duniya... fariabi h dunia.." Noor said looking at her reflection in the mirror.

Her eyes spoke soo many words. But she didn't had that one person who could read out aloud her words and pain.

Noor sighed at her Dushan E Kismat.


Shehzado si shaksiyat meri.... Gulami kisi ki pasand nhi...
Hum dil unpe haare.. jinhe taaj o shoharat pasand nhi!

Breeze was playing a same torture with him too. His cheeks and nose turned red and he sneezed muffling his sneeze he looked back at the crib of his two little muchins who were sleep after making their baba go mad!

His headache was killing him. He inhaled sharply. His hoodie was sticking to his body , chills ran down his spine feeling cold. He was not a fan of winters.
He rubbed his hands. His eyes roamed around the city.

A teenage couple caught his eyes. Making his clench his jaw. His grip on the railing tightened.

Meanwhile his attention was drawn by his mamma. Who brought a cup of coffee for him.

"Zuhayr... my darling.. here is ur favourite coffee." Said his mother placing his mug of coffee on the table and wrapping her shawl around her again securely she smiled at her grandchildren.
Both were sleeping peacefully.
Her mind reminded her of her first child... whom she abandoned!

Why? Was her first child not her priority?
How can be a mother this cruel.?!

She backed off from the crib... as her grandchildren were reminding her of her evil deeds that she did to a naive soul.

Zuhayr turned around to leave.

She caught his wrist and pulled him back.


"Ek lafz nhi mom! Wese hi kam azizyat se nhi jii rha me.. ab or kuch bardash karne ki himmat nhi h...plz" he said and moved out angrily.

His mother whimpered at his reaction.
Her husband saw this standing far away. He chuckled and said, "istihaas dhoraya jata h.. Razia... ye dunia... wo jagah h jahaa... jo boya ho ..  wahi katna padta h... daaro apne amalo se... " he spatted with disgust in his eyes for her.

She sobbed.


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