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Jai's POV
-30 minutes later-

We were done setting up everything and we heard the doorbell I saw the pizza man and like 20 people. "Here you go" he said "how much" I said getting my wallet out " oh, no need you already payed by credit" he says nicely "even the tip" I said he nodded in reply "ok, well thank you" I said and he just left people ran in and started to pour in the drinks.

-5 minutes later-

I set up the pizza and I heard the door ring again. I open it and I see 9 people I was surprised their was only suppose to be 8 more not 9. I look who came inside and I saw someone I never want to see Jordy to myself I though 'crap'. I turned on the DJ and started to play 'know yourself' by drake. As I was walking my way over to get pizza I felt someone grab me, I looked it was Marina "what happen" I say worried "why is Jordy here" she says with anger " idk I had the same reaction as you Nash was the one to invite them" I say calmly. She then stomps all the way to Nash.

Marina's POV
As I saw Jordy I immediately saw Jai and grabbed his arm. "What happen" he say worried "why is Jordy here" I say with full anger cause she hurt Jennifer and I do not want that to happen again. "Idk I had the same reaction as you" he says calmly I can't believe he is not even worried what if she does something like that to Jennifer again 'ughhhh' I thought to myself.

I walk over to Nash and said quickly "why did you in-" then I cut off of him by him saying "I didn't see look" he gave me his phone and showed me the group chat. "Well maybe someone told her" he says guessing "me too oh well, let's just keep an eye on her" I say looking at Jordy.

I was just looking around for Jennifer and she came over running and said "where is Jai don't tell me he is with Jordy" we just ran upstairs and Jennifer got a broom (she is very violent when it comes to these kind of things) I found Jordy she was all over Jai, Jai was trying to push her away 2 seconds later Jennifer came in I thought to myself ' oh shit'.

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