A Rare Sight

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A few years later, Omega found himself in front of the dartboard just after coming back from a weird water/jungle planet. It housed natives that loved new things so much that they captured him until he showed them new things such as conjuring flames and controlling water. Of course he could have escaped if he really wanted to but he stayed to learn old techniques from the natives and also learned their language. "*^F%E$#" ... it wasn't a written language.

As Omega was getting dizzy after the 80th spin, he threw the dart. After coming to his senses, he saw the dart landed near the top left corner on a planet named Magmar. It was known for its mountains and volcanoes and, once again, an unpleasant year was ahead of Omega by the description. However, the tallest mountain ever discovered was on Magmar and he decided he would add hiking the tallest mountain to his achievement list. Even though he stopped writing it once he got to about 50 achievements and just gave up.

He first mist traveled to Zaref to start closer to Magmar before spending a little less than a month traveling to the mountainous planet. Unsurprisingly, he landed on a mountain and looked out across the range. He definitely had to give the planet some credit for its beauty. Each tree blended well together with the varying color hues and types of trees. There wasn't any evidence of mudslides or earthquakes which would have left ugly scars on the otherwise pristine mountain. He could hear a gurgling creek down below with a splash or two from its inhabitants. Omega sighed at the peacefulness on the planet before starting his journey.

He went from town to town learning everything he could. He was actually quite surprised to find so many people on the edge of the universe but he soon found out why. The mountains were filled to the brim with wildlife and special herbs. They weren't exactly high on the market but in large quantities, they could rake in some cash. Additionally, people claiming they could hike the tallest mountain also came to try their luck ... many failed unsurprisingly.

For about nine months, he made his way across the world towards the tallest mountain to start his climb. He could have easily mist traveled to get there much faster but that would ruin his experience of the planet. So, he did it just like everyone else ... walking, well, maybe normal people didn't walk nine months straight without transportation. He explored many exotic and remote regions on the planet and saw extremely cool wildlife and vegetation. Sometimes he even found plants that ate wildlife the size of bears ... he stayed away from them.

As he grew nearer to the mountain, his excitement grew and he couldn't wait to say he conquered Mt. Giganturum. He wondered if they had a T-shirt that he could wear but decided that the name was a little, obvious, since it was the biggest mountain ever discovered.

He made his way through the town at the base of the mountain and knew instantly that this town was a hiker's paradise. All the shops had everything a hiker could possible want when taking a long trip up a mountain. There were the basic necessities such as ropes, pulleys, picks, etc. There was also more advanced items such as a tent that could collapse in on itself without damaging anything inside. Omega actually took an interest into that item and took a closer look.

It was a carrot orange color and had the same dimensions as his current tent, 5X7X4. The magic in the tent allowed it to shrink in on itself until it was left as a 1X1X1 inch block. The inside would stay the same no matter how much someone jostled around the block. He could also store items in there and basically make it a shrunken storage space that would definitely come in handy in future. After paying for the item that he probably paid too much for, he went to start his long journey up the mountain.

It was on Omega's fourth week that he came across something that disturbed the crisp air high up in the mountains. The first week was quite noisy with everybody trying to prove themselves and they made as much noise as possible, boasting about how they were going to conquer the mountain. He even saw a fat man being carried in a litter. He really felt sorry for the men carrying him. The second week had the more experienced hikers who made some noise but kept it down in general. These men looked like they were enjoying themselves in the peaceful mountains. By the third week, Omega rarely crossed anybody except for the hikers who devoted their lives to hiking.

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