Shehry's pov

I was driving since 8 hours ! Amzy slept ! Her words were ringing in my mind making heart clenched but i was still driving !

"Shehry uncle where we are ? " i heard zee's sleepy voice and smile at his cute voice ! "Emm half an hour main hum pouhanch jayen ge " i said and he noded his head.

We reached at the hospital ! Zee was looking out from the window her big eyes ! I smile at him ! And shake amzy up ! "Amsal utho hum pouhanch gaye ! " i shake her hand and she woke up ! Her eyes were half open ! She fixed her hair and then wore her glasses back !

She turn and asked in a husky voice "is everything okay ? " and i turn my head in embaressment ! Shoot i was staring at her ! "Emm chalen ? " i asked and she noded her head !

I came out from tge driving seat and amzy helped zee ! I strech my arms in the air ! "Sorry main sou gayi thi tmhen bht lamba drive krna para hoga ! " she said and i shook my head . "nahi 8 hours tmne drive kiya 8 main ne ! Barabar huwa ! " i said and she noded her head in agreement .

Zee was holding her hand ! As i came to their side ! Zee hold my hand too ! I looked at him and he smile widely ! I'm in love with this little guy ! I caressed her cheek with my other hand ! Amzy took her phone out and called hassan !

She asked told him about our arrival and asked for the room number ! After some minute she cuts the call and looked at me "i'm so nervous ! Main use kaise face krun gi ? " she said , playing with her fingers and put my both hand on her shoulder ! "Don't worry wo tmse bht pyaar krti hai ! " i said and she looked at me ! I smile at her and she reciprocated.

As were sitting in the waiting room! Zee and i was playing and amzy was doing something on her phone! I think texting or something cause she looked tensed as hell ! I was about to ask her but then i heard a manly voice ! "Amzy ? Shehry ? Thank you guys came ! " . i turn and saw hassan standing smiling widely !

"Mjhe nahi chahiye apka thank you ! Mjhe btao its a baby girl or boy ? " amzy said smiling widely and hassan look down smiling "twins a baby boy and a baby girl ! " he said and amzy jump in excitement ! I hugged him and then amzy again speak up "ruksana kahan hai ? " she asked and hassan gave her the pass and said "wahan bht relaxing sofa hai ! Ruksana sou rahi hogi tm bhi wahin sojana ! " he said and amzy noded her head !

Amzy left and now its me , zee and hassan ! Hassan asked me "shehry tmne shadi krli ? " he asked and i shook my head ! "Yaar krlee ab kia budha ho k kree ga ? " he said and i chuckle !

"Sb ko mere budheey hone ka itna wait kyun hai ? " i said and then we both burst up laughing ! He bend down and looked at zee "ye amzy aur zayan ka beta hai ? " he asked and i noded my head in a yes ! Zee felt shy and hide behind my legs ! "Come on zee uncle se milo ! Aur apna nam btao ! " i said and he peek behind my legs !

"Zaroon zayan tajamol ! " he said and hassan laughed ! "Yaar ap tou blkul mama k trha hai ! " he said and zee smile .

Amzy's pov

I saw the room number and went striaght to it ! I swipe my card , turn the room's knob and peek side the room ! Ruksana was laying on the bed Sleeping beautifully ! And i smile at her ! I remember how zayan behaved when zee arrived


"Amzy dekho humara beta ! Awww bht pyaara hai ! " i heard zayan's voice and opened my eyes slowly ! I saw little body covered with blue blanket ! A small smile came to my face !

"Yaar tm dono aise khush ho rahe ho jaise pata nahi kia hogaya ! " i heard ali speaking and he sigh dramtically ! "Jb tmhara hoga na tb pouchun gi ! " i said and ali laugh loudly !

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