Chapter 2 - Red

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The gravel crunched beneath Red's moto boots as he made his way to the Banshees' shop office. He was feeling a bit off that morning and wasn't sure if it was from lack of sleep or beer. Or both. Despite feeling like shit, Red strode confidently through the open office door and stopped dead just before he reached the counter. Standing behind it was a gorgeous woman with long, dark red/brown hair and green eyes. He could see enough of her torso to know she had some pretty impressive curves. She had stood up just as Red crossed the building's threshold, nearly stopping his heart. He recovered quickly, clearing his throat to make sure he could still speak. The woman's eyes narrowed toward him. Before Red could say a word, she snapped at him.
"Can I help you?" She stared him down. Red licked his lips nervously, thinking himself damned.
"I'm here to speak with Andromeda Velasquez. Is she in?"
"Okay. Is there someone else in charge?"
"I'm all you've got. What's the matter?" Her gaze was still cold and hard, green eyes boring into Red's powder blues. He thought he saw a flash of yellow amidst the green. Shaking off his now-burning desire to stare into their emerald depths for eternity, he answered her.
"I'm sorry but I need to speak with either the President or Vice President of the Banshees, not an office receptionist. Have a nice day!" Red smiled and turned to leave, wanting to escape her glare as soon as possible.
"I am the Vice President." She growled, venom in her voice.
Red turned around slowly, cautiously. Insulted females were not his specialty.
"My apologies." Red kicked the wooden block holding the door open, allowing it to swing closed for privacy.
"My name is Alaric. Call me Red."
"I beg your pardon?" Red asked, confused.
"Call me Rogue." She repeated. No first name was offered up.
"Okay, Rogue. Let's get down to business." Red leaned over the counter in an attempt to make himself appear domineering, in control. It was an intimidation technique he usually reserved for prospects. Rogue placed her hands on the counter in a wide stance, not buying in to Red's gimmicks.
"And what business would that be, Red?"
He motioned to his leather vest.
"As you can see by my cut, I'm with the Road Reapers. We'd like to make a deal with you."
Rogue looked at him, bored and irritated, waiting to hear his proposition.
"We'll let you stay in the area, but you'll be patched in under RRMCCO. We're already established and our connections are excellent. This is a one-time offer, and it only stands for 24 hours."
Rogue looked at Red; he couldn't tell what she was thinking.
"What happens if we don't accept?"
At that Red threw her a charming grin.
"We'll cross that bridge when we get to it. Have a great day, Rogue!"

When Red was through the shop-yard gates he took a deep breath in and held it, going over their conversation. Had he done his job well? He couldn't tell, his brain was so fried from being around Rogue. How did he even keep it together in there?! Red's whole body was damp with sweat. Shaking jitters from his limbs he jumped on his bike and took off down the street, headed for the open highway. He hoped this was a feeling he could ride out.

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