A little about me

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List of random things

1. Yes...I do fantasize about fictional characters sometimes...well ok, ALL the time!

2. I love anime, gaming, manga, reading, kpop and writing stories

3. I am English...(wishing to be Italian. I LOVE the accent)

4. I am married to Snow Villiers in my dreams. Although this actually pains me because I love Sarah and Snow as a couple DX (Please forgive me Serah) 

5. I have a huge sweet tooth :) I love anything sweet!

My Fears 

1. I cannot stand spiders! Its a little weird this fear because I really don't mind them anywhere in my room (I still keep a watchful eye on them) but as soon as one lands on me or crawls its way across my arm I flip out and run around screaming like a little girl. 

2. I get slightly nervous during plane flights. Although I never voice the slight twitchy feeling in my gut, there's a little voice at the back of my head saying 'We're gonna crash, its gonna be you this time'. 

3. I wouldn't say that the movies 'Saw' scares me but I always end up cringing or holding the part of my body that is either getting torn up or cut off in the movie. For example, the part where the girl hanging from the ceiling gets her stomach sawn through, I was literally clutching onto my own stomach when that happened haha.


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