Chapter 18

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(Your POV)

Ciel ran in and stopped right beside you.Your father started walking up to you and you shook in fear."F-Father im..."You started."Y/N why would you hide this from me?"Your father said.You looked up at your father and saw that his eyes were filled with sadness." sorry."You said feeling bad."Sebastian its my fault."Ciel said.Your father looked over to Ciel and his eyes flashed fuchsia and he gritted his teeth."Daddy,dont hurt him!"You said getting in front of Ciel.Your father looked at you then calmed down."Y/N go to your room."Your father said.You nodded your head 'yes'."Yes sir."You said walking towards the door."Sebastian,dont ground her!She didnt do anything!"Ciel yelled."Young Master..."Your father said."Its an order,Sebastian.I will not have you punish her for something i did."Ciel said.Your father let out a sigh and walked over to you."We need to speak later."Your father said."O-Okay."You said.'Argh!!'You walked over to ciel."Y/N i need you to erase Elizabeth's Memories again."Ciel said softly."Gee Ciel,I would do that,but there's one problem......She's missing."You said pointing to the area she was last in.

I know its short people but lets just say i got in trouble.Long story short...I yelled at me step dad not supposed to be on computer and both parents at work so gtg cuz dad coming home have to do chores,bai

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