Chapter | 35

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Warning: Seraphine.

Seraphine woke up in clouds, hair slightly damp because they had fun in the shower last night as well. He's fully naked and his pale skin has bruises that upon sight, made him giggle. He sits up, realizing he is alone, but didn't feel bad at all when he sees the lone flower in his breakfast waffles. There was a note beside it and upon opening read, "You've been a good boy."

Only now did Seraphine realize the collar had been removed. Replaced with love bites that got him rolling around bed like a high school girl with a crush. But upon realizing his embarrassing behavior, he sits up with a scowl. If Val was here she's tease me so hard.

Fúck, Val. I hope they know what they're doing because my sister is still out there!

"Bítch, now I have to wear turtlenecks too."

He decided to confront the Arks about the rescue, and maybe threaten them with murder if ever they plan to compromise his sister's safety. However upon arrival on the surveillance room's door where they're having a meeting, he catches Shen by the door eavesdropping.

"Hey stinky..." Seraphine greets with a whisper, and Shen was silently startled.

"Sera! You're okay?"

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be."

"Last night sounded like—" Shen wasn't able to continue because they heard Ryūji yell.

"The Inugami?! That's what he was?! Fúck, I knew giant 9ft people were related... he's the same race as Diwa?!"

"Yes, Spirit gods," Adan calmly answered the mind blown Prince. Shen and Seraphine decided to listen closely. "Diwa came from the Filipino word, Diwata. Which means Enchantress, or Witch, depending on if she's evil or not. In this case, she's a witch. She is the same kind of god as the Inugami from the Shinji family."

Ryūji watched that Inugami die. He didn't even realize he was living with an Inugami. He decided to ask, "Why was there an Inugami in our home? And why did my parents never say anything about it?"

"The Spirit gods exist to protect a family, mainly. They can be summoned to grant wishes, and attach themselves to the bloodline of those summoned. They're the 'demons' the occult tries to summon. Very powerful," Adan answers, "The Inugami may be summoned to protect the Shinji family. When your home got destroyed, it ceased to exist."

"Why? How could she have killed him?" That was the plan. His death is an example as to how Spirit Gods can be killed.

"The Sakura tree in the Shinji's sacred garden," Mahiro says, presenting Ryūji with a sad picture of his house burned to its foundation. It reminded Ryūji of Lei, his parents... oh, how he held back his tears at the sight. He had to avoid looking at his home.

Mahiro adds, "Spirit Gods are bound to the area they were summoned in; and in that area, a tree will grow. The bigger and healthier the tree, the more powerful they are. The Inugami was powerful, your family took care of it very well. His power is to attract blessings or exorcise evil souls and curses, and all Sakura trees are his network of information and power. All Sakura in Ehime belong to him, basically, all to protect the Shinji Family."

He died protecting me. Ryūji recalled the death of two people that day. His heart ached so bad.

"And Diwa?" Ryūji asks, avoiding the previous topic of the Inugami.

"She was summoned by local witches to curse those who did them wrong. The witches were destroyed during the war, and she was left with no purpose. She is an illusionist, driving people mad or drive them to do horrible acts against others. Diwa... her tree is the biggest hidden Balete in the Philippines. She's more powerful than the Inugami, because it was evil that summoned her, and not love."

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