Chapter 27

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Rina's POV

Matt dropped me off at my house after our date, it was late and the rest of my family was asleep. I quietly ran up the steps to my room, where I found my mother, who I thought was asleep, sitting on my bed. Waiting like a creeper.

"So you weren't with Mira?" she asked.

"Um, no. At the moment Mira and I aren't really talking."

"Then who were you with all this time?" asked my very nosy mother but, she didn't stop there. "A boy?" and of course my face betrayed me and I started blushing."It was! Who is he? What's his name I mean? Is it that boy that moved in next door? Where do you think this is going? How long have you been seeing him?" the questions just kept flowing out of her mouth and the more she said the hotter my face got.

"MOM! Stop.I'll answer all your questions tomorrow. But right now im really tired and I need to take a shower. Please."

"Fine." she got up off my bed and walked out of my room. I was so glad she didn't start asking me about Mira. I'm sure shes noticed Mira hasn't been here in what a week maybe two? I walked into the bathroom and stripped while lost in my thoughts. I got in the shower and relaxed as the hot water poured over me. I really miss Mira. If all the stuff between us hadn't happened, I would be over there telling her all about the date. And she would ask for more details because she was 'living through me' or something like that. Mira had never really seemed that interested in boys unless they were fictional. She just never really told me about her crushes and stuff like that. We would actually go to the mall, buy a few things and when we got bored we would look for hot guys and rate them. I got out of the shower, wrapped a towel around me, grabed all my crap and walked back into my room. After changing I curled up in my bed and fell into a dreamless sleep.
Bzzzzzzzzbzzzzzzzzbbbbzzzzzzzz. I grabbed my phone from the table by my bed, looked at it, then threw it to the bottom of the bed.




"UGH!" I grabed the phone to see I had a text from Jay.

'I need your help. Its an emergency.' -Jay

'Whats so important you needed to wake me up?' I really wanted to know.

'you'll see im almost at your house. and its 10:30. Get your ass up.' -jay

'well my ass wants to stay in bed so go away.'

'no can do im at your door now let me in.' I sighed and got up and let him in. Why I let him I have no clue. I blame my sleep deprived state.

"What do you want? I asked.

"I told you I need your help."

"But you didnt say what for.."

"You said you'd help." he said as I started to walk back up the steps.

"I didn't agree to anything!"

"OK whatever. come on get dressed in something comfortable."

"Fine. Whatever." I am still blaming the sleep deprived state.

I grabbed gym shorts and a random shirt changed in my bathroom. I brushed my teeth and hair, then walked back out.

"OK come on!" he said as he grabbed my wrist and dragged me out of my house and into his car.

"WHERE ARE WE GOING?" I yelled as he backed out of my driveway at a record breaking speed.

"My house."

"Slow down you almost flattened that old lady!!!"

"I can't we are running late."

"Whatever just don't kill me." Jay's house is only a few minutes away from mine so with that and Jay's fast and scary driving we got there really quickly.

"Now tell me why we are here." he ignored me and got out of the car.

"Well are you coming?" I jumped out and followed him around his house to the back yard. I was looking at his yard but, when I turned back around I couldn't see him.

"Ah, Jay, where are you?" I yelled as I started walking around the yard for places he could be hiding in.

"Jaaaaayyyyyy? Where'd ya go?" I yelled again.
"Jay I swear if you jump out and scare me you are gonna loose a very valuable body part!"" by now I was right by the back door of his house.

"Well its good thing I'm not planning on scaring you." I heard Jay say as I looked up and got a face full of water and pieces of balloon. When I whipped all the water out of my eyes I looked back up and saw Jay hanging out the window above me laughing his ass off. Lucky for me the water hose was also right by the back door of the house. I turned the water on and grabbed then hose and aimed it at Jay's window. It blasted out of the nozzle right into his face. That made him stop laughing.

"Now you have pulled your prank, I am soaked and you get to drive me home. We are even."

"Actually that wasn't why I brought you here. It was a added bonus."

"Then tell me why the hell you woke me up and brought me to your house!" I could hear a car pull in the driveway.

"Thats why I brought you here." I could see him grab something and dart out of that room. Next thing I see is Jay running out the back door with a water gun in his hand. He ran around the side of the house then I heard a girlish yelp. I walked the same way Jay had gone. When I rounded the corner I saw wet Mira. Thats when my mood dropped even more. Jay didn't know what he was getting himself into.

"What the hell is going on!?" Mira and I said together, kinda like old times.

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