Keys and Strings (SFW)

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You saw the school's band leave the school's music room.

You frowned as you didn't see (his name), your crush and also the band's bass guitar player.

There were usually two reasons why you'd go to the music room: The first was to get a glimpse of your crush, and the second was to play the piano right after the band finished practicing.

You sighed, entering the music room, a little bummed out that you couldn't accomplish your first reason.

You walked to the piano, sat on it's bench and started playing a song that was your favorite to play.

You closed your eyes, feeling the melody of the song.

You then started imagining your crush, laughing at how the instruments you played were very contrasting: You play the piano, an instrument that provides calmness, while he plays the bass guitar, an instrument that produces feelings of strength and power.

As you were about to play the chorus, you heard the sound of a violin fading in.

You opened your eyes to see the person that was just in your thoughts a few seconds ago, smiling down at you while he played the instrument so gracefully.

You finished the song together, smiling stupidly at each other.

"You know how to play?" You asked him, nodding at the violin.

"Yep. Pretty much all the instruments in the string family." He boasted.

"That's so cool... Wait, how'd you know this song? It's not really popular." You asked, surprised.

"Well, it was the song played during my parents' wedding. It was also their theme song. Could be ours to..." He said, mumbling the last sentence (you didn't hear it).

An awkward silence enveloped the both of you.

"So uhm.. is it okay if you teach me how to play?" He smiled shyly, slowly and carefully sitting beside you on the bench.

"Um, yeah sure! B- but only if you teach me how to play the bass guitar too!" You blushed, smiling up at him.

"You've got yourself a deal." He grinned, patting your head (you blushed harder 'coz of that).

You then started playing some notes on the piano, asking him to mimic it.

You smiled as you thought that this won't be the last time that you'll talk to him.

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