Chapter | 34

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Warning: No romance in sight, just smut. Reading smut is gay, ew

"The abandoned Carvalle Institute building in Manchester; that's where the sanctuary is." Ryūji watches as Adan looks at the property from the map. "It's hidden, they've put it in a time bubble to make the satellites think it's still destroyed."

"A bomb can still go through, let's nuke 'em!" Mahiro exclaims, which Ryūji immediately scolds.

"Seraphine's sister and the Ghost Princess is in there."

"Yes," Adan hums, "One of us will die if the Princess is killed, then the rest will die if we kill Seraphine's sister. That boy is a ticking time bomb."

"His personality is hot, not gonna lie—I mean," Mahiro clears his throat when Ryūji glares at him with the fiercest of looks. "He's not my type, he looks too much like a girl! I already got a sweet cocoa marshmallow, I don't want the radioactive swamp witch you have."

"I'm gonna kill you myself." Ryūji really doesn't like him as Shen's boyfriend. Adan is more tolerable. Kelvin is just diabetes waiting to happen but Mahiro is an entire psychopath.

None of them realized Seraphine was by the open door, listening closely. Ryūji, the only shifter, dragged him to the bedroom earlier so Seraphine's scent is still on him, therefore making him not detect the vampire. He won't wait until they know of his presence so he escapes to his bedroom, which he found out to be Ryūji's room as well.

He just doesn't come to sleep at all, Seraphine sadly noted, aware that they are busy for their mission. Every morning though, he doesn't fail to wake up with a fresh piece of flower in his breakfast tray.

He's still a little shít, I hate him... Seraphine grumbles while scrubbing his legs in the shower, getting ready for bed. His hair is slicked back with conditioner, his mind thinking of nothing but his former life, and how everything turned around when he started fooling around with Ryūji.

That bítch... he ruined my life... Flashes of how happy his heart was for the first time, that not even the forbidden affair with Christian made him feel that fulfilled. Or maybe my life was a lie. And his love may be a lie, too...

Seraphine locked the bathroom door. But it felt so good, even if it was a lie...

He can lie to himself too, pretending his hands are of Ryūji's, touching him intimately both outside and in. With the help of water, he managed to feel half as what it was when he was with Ryūji. It hurts, I haven't been with anyone since him...

A hand reached up to his neck where the collar is barely grazing his skin. Ryūji was behind him whispering directly in his ear, "But if you be a good boy, I'll remove it."


"I'll fúck the shít out of you because you're mine." The hands sped up and Seraphine presses his back against Ryūji's, raising his head to be closer to him. "This spot right here... no one can reach it but me. You love it the most when I'm pressed against you tightly and fúcking you hard against the bed. Makes it feel like you can't leave me. Because you can't."

"N-no... no, I..." Seraphine gasps when he feels the knot in his abdomen, his body sinking onto the shower floor because his knees are getting weak. "I can, Oreo... the screws on the windows can be unlocked with a butter knife! I'm at the third floor... there's a ledge on the second floor, and the back door porch five meters away, the tree is two meters away, I can jump that... climb to the highest branch of 4 meters and jump over the tall electric fence... the worst I'll get is a sprain."

"So why don't you?" Ryūji kneels in front of him and pins Seraphine's head against the glass shower door, tormenting him with a fast hand. "Do it. Kill us first before you leave, that way no one will stop you. You are capable of that."

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