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1| Glad to be 'Seenzoned'

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This is my third fanfic with a trailer that goes along with it. Hope you'll enjoy watching it before reading. Please be reminded that there isn't 'horror' in this book.


The outstanding infrastructure was captured inside the blue orbs in her eyes while her hand pushed her strawberry blonde hair to the side since it tried to block her view.

"I don't remember going to college!"

In the end, this school just made her remember those colleges she had seen due to its striking similarities.

She stepped in and walked in a normal pace while a hundred thoughts raced through her mind.

"There's no turning back"

"I'm here now"

"I'll do it even if I would suffer the pain"


Her eyes widened after realizing she stepped on somebody's foot. She took a few steps backward before bowing down and said, "I'm so sorry!"


She blinked and mentally slapped herself for totally forgetting all about her lack of presence.

She liked being like Kuroko Tetsuya. :D

The girl walked away from the furious student who was starting to blame some random person.

The very appearance of the exterior and interior parts of the school made her realize the reason why this school is prestigious and one of the best.

The school was awesome, what more if it came down to the students right?

She was going to start her school life a bit late because of certain disruptions for her enrollment thus making her promise to herself she was going to catch up on the lessons she missed.

She wanted to focus more on studying to forget about the disturbances that greatly affected her before she managed to get to this promising school that will give her a nice future.

She has done some research concerning where her room was and found it without difficulty.

After a few knocks on the door of 3-C, she heard a voice inside, "Come in".

She scoffed in response. How kind these people are. Rolling her eyes, she slid the door open and walked in front of the class.

"Did the door just open?"

"Is someone pranking us?"

"Are they messing with us?"

"It must've been those losers"

"The E-Class right?"

She knows about a class named 3-C in a certain anime wherein a *girl there was ignored but right now, she didn't want to be treated like her. (Misaki Mei)

The newcomer cleared her throat, enough to draw everyone's attention to her. All of them had one thought running in their minds.


The girl forced a smile and did that cute thing which they said was to have her cock her head in the side while introducing herself with a cheerful voice.

"Pleased to meet you! I'm Orihara Mayuzumi! Let's have a fun year together!"

[inserts cricket sounds]