Play 8: The Moon's Tale

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Only a week had passed ever since I stayed at the Shinsengumi headquarters. Don't mistake me—I was grateful for everything they had done for me. It was the almost unbearable way they tolerated my wrongdoings that made me want to leave the place as quick as possible. Not to mention that I didn't do anything to help them, except to serve tea. It was the only thing I could or was allowed to do too, which made me feel worse.

  During these period of time, I caused a lot of trouble for the Shinsengumi, especially for Hijikata. I had been sent to his study room so many times that my fingers alone were not enough to count the number of those lectures. Also, the lectures didn't just last for a few minutes— they are usually about an hour. Imagine that—it was an hour of pure torture listening him nagging me about manners and such.

  Even when I was constantly creating havoc, I was glad that I was still allowed to stay with them. Hijikata had also let me loiter around the headquarters on two conditions: One, a captain had to watch over me, and two, I was absolutely forbidden to escape. He reminded me that the punishment would be taking away my life, and I needed no further warning from him. I didn't want to hear anymore death threats at least from him, and also the fact that I didn't need to hear his loud voice nagging beside my ear any more, since I always went to his room for countless number of noisy scoldings.

  Everytime I messed up, I apologised profusely to the captain who was unlucky to be the one accompanying me. I didn't want to apologise to Souji though—he always chuckled meanly at my clumsiness and mistakes. The first time I got summoned by Hijikata, he was put in charge of me. I recalled that one of the rank-and-file soldiers decided to come forward and talk to me as I was new there. I didn't expect that, so I let down my guard and automatically put on my 'mask'.

  Sure, I sounded like a boyish...guy—but a real cocky one at that. It took five other soldiers to hold him back from slicing me up like fruits. Souji dragged me away then, but was laughing uncontrollably with a hand over his mouth. I couldn't say anything to defend myself too since I was the one in the wrong, so I just glared a hole in his back.

  The other troubles I caused were minor yet impactful. Most of them were complained by soldiers at the headquarters, and a lot of them were saying that they wanted me out. It didn't please them to know that I was the only one receiving special treatment from the leaders too. I tried not to let it bother me too much, and used up most of my time mumbling lines from Shakespeare's plays. The captains were used to it, and usually paid no attention to me. I guessed that they knew it was a way for me to relieve my stress.

  The moon shone its dim light into my room as I stared at it. I still hadn't manage to find information about my 'father' or the girl called Chizuru, and I was worried that I might never be able to return home.

  "Chizuru wasn't in the house...But I was in there. I shouldn't forget that it was a mess too..." I frowned seriously.

  "A girl shouldn't frown like that."

  I jumped, startled, my heart pounding a little too loudly. Turning my head away, I glared at a particular spot in my room. "Go away, Souji."

  "Ehh, are you still mad about what happened yesterday?" His chuckle made me bite my bottom lip hard. Okay, maybe a little too hard.

  Wincing from the pain, I refused to look at him. "I'm not mad—I'm fuming!" I shot up from the floor and pretended to prepare to go to bed. "Now get out so I can sleep."

  "I'm hurt that you still won't forgive me," he said, and I heard him moving further into the room, closer to me. I began to panick, moving away almost immediately. His hand suddenly made a strong grip on my wrist, forcing me to turn to him.

  "Wha—Hands off!" I struggled, but it was obviously in vain. All I could do was to glare at his chest, make no eye contact, and concentrate intently so my face didn't turn red.

  For a moment Souji didn't say anything, but stared down at me. The longer he stared though, the redder I became, and at last I couldn't take it any longer. I pulled my wrist away, pushing him with my other free hand, but within a second he pushed me against the wall, trapping me.

  "What are you doing? Let me go or I'll scream!" I tried to struggle again, and he pulled my hands over my head so that I would be defenceless. Even so, I refused to look at him in the eye, for fear that I would be reminded of the event from the previous day.

  I could almost hear Souji smirk, and he tilted my chin so I would be facing him instead. My eyes met his green ones, and my face got so hot it could fry an egg. Before I knew it, I began to recall the embarrassing situation that happened the other day...


Sorry people. I know I broke my promise about updating as quick as possible, but well, a lot had happened. For one, I went overseas where there isn't any internet, and when I returned, school started and I need to busy myself with projects and the such. Hope you people understand. :) I will continue this story by hook or by crook though, so don't worry.

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