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* * * *

"Max?" I say, confused. Concerned to why he isn't saying a single word.

    Than, I began to hear shaky breathing. Coming from right behind me.

    Gulping, looking down, tilting my head, I repeat myself.

    "Max....?" No response.

    He doesn't give a response.

       "Max?!" Turning around, taking out my toy rocket as I do so, seeing Max charge right at me, with a knife, at full force.

    Gasping, immediately, I charge right at him.

    "NO!" I yell, grabbing his armed arm, pushing it away.

    The knife, dropping to the ground.

       Shaking my head, grabbing him by his neck, I drop him to the ground. 

    Getting on top of him, raising my toy rocket, breathing heavily.

    Max looking at me, shocked.

    Glaring at him, I get ready to start the impact.

    He shakes his head, raising his arms up, in a surrendering manner.

       "How dare you even have the audacity to do that. That was pathetic. It was very obvious that you were about to do something. You were being too silent." I Say, not taking my eyes off of him.

    He starts to tear up, surprising me.

"P-Please, D-Don't! Are you really ab-about to....?"

    "I've fought before. Broke a couple of the people who hurt me, bones. Didn't even hesitate. So, yes. I'm about to. Because you struck, first-" "

    IT WAS APART OF HIS PLAN!!" Max yells.

    Tilting my head, I raise my brow.

    His plan?? Wait, the plan Griffin was talking about!!

"What plan??" Questioning, still being a top of him, just in case.

    If he strikes, I won't hesitate to hurt him.

    Even if he is family.

    He closes his eyes,

    "He....he said that....it's either my life, or yours. My choice."

    "So you've chosen the option on killing

    "I CAN'T DO IT!! I know you've seen me raised that knife! But, I can't. Can't do it. Especially after finding out that you're family. Please, don't....I wanna live!"

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