♥Chapter 9 Part 2: I-i'm pregnant??!♥

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This is too much between these 2 days! I can't believe Damion is h-her son! This is crazy, but it's life...

Kayla:But wait? What you said in the bathroom abou- 

You:My mom? I lied. My mom thought I was being a hot a** and thought I got pregnant by some boy.

She said she would claim him and from that point on he was my brother.  

India:(Y/N), i'm so sorry. I didn't know. 

You:Yeah, nobody knows. *walks upstairs to her room* 

India:*hears a beep* There goes the test. *walks to the bathroom* 


Kayla:I know right! 

India:*walks out of the bathroom* I-i'm p-pregnant. *A tear drops* 

Crystal:Aww Indi it's ok!! 

India:*sits on the couch and whispers* I gotta tell Prodigy. 


India:Uhm. Uh nothing. 

Crystal:Wait so who's the last person you had s*x with? 

Kayla:Wasn't it that kid with the mohawk? Um, what's his name uh, Prod or Prodigy? 

India:Uh y-yeah. 

Crystal:You betta call him girl. 

India:I-i know. 

You:*comes downstairs eating chips* What I miss? 

Kayla:Well India's pregnant and her baby daddy is Prodigy. 

You:Oh. Congrats! *smiles*



I'm pregnant. I'M F*CKING PREGNANT! How am I goin' tell Prodigy?

Wait! How am I goin' tell my dad?! He gon' beat my a** then find Prod and beat his a**! This is too much!

Kayla:Don't stress out! You'll kill the baby! 

Crystal:You need to call your baby-daddy, soon. 

India:I-i can't. 

You:Then i'll do it. *gets her phone and dials his number*

♥After 4 rings Prodigy picks up♥ 


Prod:Hey b- 

You:This is (Y/N). Let's get to the point. India is pregnant and you should know it's yours. 

Prodigy:S-she's what? 

You:Nigga you heard me! 

Prodigy:Uhm, I'm on my way. 

You:Good. *hangs up* 


India:What did he say? 

You:*smiles* He's on his way. 


You:Uh, yeah. 

India:Oh ok.



She's pregnant.

Prod: *gets up and gets his keys* 

Ray:Where you going? 

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