Chapter 21

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Chapter 21


My heart was up in my mouth when the Doctor told us about Isabella. Then when he mentioned the baby having a heart problem, I felt my insides crush as my heart near on stopped. I know I hadn't known Isabella long but she had already taken over my heart. Even though the baby wasn't mine, didn't mean I didn't already have feelings for that precious human growing inside the girl I have fallen completely in love with. The fear of Isabella losing her baby cut me like a knife.

Arriving at the foot of the door to Isabella's room; I stood frozen as I stared at the girl that had not only left my mind for the past week but also the girl who had stolen my heart. Tears I had been desperately holding back these last few days, racked through my body uncontrollably. No longer able to fight all these emotions that were whirling around in my head, I collapsed to the floor. Jack bent down beside me and to be honest I didn't care if I looked weak because the two people who I loved and meant more to me than anything, were both laid up in hospital in critical condition.

Jack knew what I was going through but no amount of his soothing words could do anything for me right now. I was lost, alone and pinning for them to wake up. As I raised my head just the sight of Isabella had my chest tightening. It wasn't the amount of machines that she was wired up to that was killing me, it was her beautiful face. If it wasn't for knowing it was Isabella you would have never of recognized her. her entire face looked deformed and even with the gauze patches covering her eyes you could still see how swollen they were.

Jack helped me back up and before I could even find my balance I was by Isabella's side. Lisa and Elle were already by her side hysterically crying. Hell I didn't blame them. I felt sick to the core by what I saw. The colour of Isabella's face scared the living crap out of me. She looked almost blue but I couldn't tell if it was from the bruising or if she was cold. Just picturing her alone under that bush, scared beaten and alone was agonizing. Not been able to restrain the pain I was feeling for her right that second I screamed out, as my heart broke into what felt like a million pieces.

Noticing knuckle imprints on her cheeks as well as the large hand prints circling her neck had me wanting to personally kill whoever did this. I wanted so desperately to pick her up and hold her. I wanted her to know that I was here and I was never leaving her again, ever.

My vision turned red the more I studied her feeble defenceless body. Whoever did this was going to die! I was going to make sure of it! Leaning down I planted a soft kiss on her forehead. I so desperately wanted to kiss her soft plump lips but seeing how cut up they were, I was scared I would hurt her more than she was no doubt already hurting.

Even though she was out cold you could still see the pain in her face. I felt empty and lost and worse of all, alone. However, I didn't leave myself sink into self-pity because hell, looking at my sweet princess in front of me, I had to be strong for her and her baby.

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