The Island

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I didn't have time to introduce myself to everyone in the village, Isabelle called me over to the town square and told me to come now. When I reached over to the town square everyone just shouted "SURPRISE" Isabelle walked over to me "Since you are mayor now we want you to plant a tree so we will always remember the time you came into New Leaf Village", Isabelle said sweetly. I walked into the dirt and Isabelle handed me a tree sapling and dropped it into the dirt. Everyone cheered and looked so happy. "Congratulations you are now officially mayor!", Isabelle said smiling. I smiled back,"I can't wait to really be apart of this town ", I said


I had to live in a tent, my house was under construction, so I had to wait a few days until it was finished, I figured it was going to take long, so I went around town. I walked down to the beach and relaxed. "Hey! Your the new mayor right? My name is Alice", Alice said. "Yup I'm the new mayor, my name is Jessica", I said. Alice sat down next to me, " Do you know about the island?", Alice asked. "No", I answered. "Follow me", Alice said. We walked to the boardwalk, "Where are we going?", I asked. "There is a guy named Kapp'n, he knows everything about the island and if you are lucky enough he will take you to the island," Alice explained.

As we walked to the boardwalk Alice kept talking about how hard it was to get to the island. "I heard to go to the island you have to pay 1,000 bells! Crazy!", Alice said. "Wow! But that is not too much", I replied. We reached the boardwalk and there he was, Kapp'n. "Hello , my name is Jessica", I said. Kapp'n turned. " Well aren't ye the new mayor?", Kapp'n said. "Yes! I am!", I answered. "Anyways, I was wondering if you can give my friend and I a ride to the island. " " Well, I guess I can give ye both a ride since your mayor and all... but you have to pay little miss", Kapp'n said. "How much", I asked. " 1, 000 bells", Kapp'n said. "Umm... Alice I don't have any money!!", I whispered. "Don't worry I will pay, this is sooo rare", Alice said. "Here ya go Mr.Kappa", Alice said. "I perfer Kapp'n missy, hop in", Kapp'n said. I hopped in just tingling with excitement. "Ohmigosh! We are going to the island, we are sooo lucky!", Alice said.


We reached the island in about 3 minutes, with the calming waters and Kapp'n singing, the trip to the island was calming. "Okay, here is the island when you want to go back to New Leaf Village come here", Kapp'n said. "Yes, we will!", Alice said happily. We walked in the resort and saw Kapp'n whole family. "Whoa this is so cool!", I said. "Totally!", Alice replied. I stepped outside, the fresh island smell greeted me. "Wow this is so cool! So much exotic fruit!", I said. " Yeah we should take some home", Alice replied. "Be right souvenir time!". "Um Alice to get a souvenir you have to have medals, remember? Kapp'n said so on the boat", I explained. "Oh, then lets play some games!", Alice said. I nodded and went tovthe check desk. "Hello welcome to the island!", the clerk said. " Hi! Are you Kapp'n wife?", I asked politely. "Yes I am! My name is Leilani", Leilani said. "Well anyways I would like to earn medals with my friend", I said. "Yes, I would recommend playing the gem hunting tour, its my personal favorite", Leilani said. "Okay we will do it", I answered.


"Wow that was so cool!", Alice said. "Yeah that gem hunting was awesome", I replied. "Well get the souvenirs and I will get the fruits", I suggested. "OK", Alice replied. Hmm... I will take one of each, mangos, bannana. "Okay Alice what did you pick up?", I asked. "Mermaid furniture", Alice said. "Okay, lets head back to the dock", I said. We headed back to the dock and Kapp'n took us home. "That island was great!" I said. "Well just drop by ye dock and I'll take ye here", Kapp'n said. And we headed back to New Leaf.

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