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Pen Your Pride

The Girl behind the Throne restricted parts !!!

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this is for the pervs out there"!!! :) only joking....enjoy.....cus it took me fucking ages to write this!!!! :)

I gasped as he moved his hands from the wall to cup my breasts, gently but firmly began pinching at the nipples making me gasp. He kissed along my neck and I could feel him smiling against my skin as I moaned, each one getting louder than the one before.

I ran my hands along his chest marvelling in the toned golden skin feeling him shudder under my touch. I was the one smiling now. I ran my hand lower so it brushed against his bulge and he shuddered gently biting my shoulder while he played with my breasts making me moan louder than ever.

I touched gently the outline of the bulge feeling frightened at the size of it, but forgetting all such notions when Jamie lowered his head to my breast and took my nipple gently in his mouth, making me moan wilder. 

I unbuttoned the jeans slowly running my hand lazily over the piece of skin that I uncovered, Jamie moaned and I smiled, just touching him gave him this reaction? Well I knew what I would be doing for the next week.

He moaned as I undid the buttons stroking him teasingly through the thin cotton of his boxers, he grunted lowly and kissed me deeply, he lowered his hand to me and began to rub just as teasingly making me gasp.

I moaned as he slipped his fingers around me, “Jamie”. I moaned. He groaned pulling me closer than ever and picked me up wrapping my legs around his waist, I felt him dig around in his pocket and pull out something, and I wriggled in his arms, rubbing myself teasingly against the bulge which was threatening to rear its head soon. “Oh Jamie”.

“Say it again”. He growled in my ear making me shudder, Backing me against the wall so his hands were free to roam all over my body, which they most definitely did.

“Jamie”. I whispered/moaned into his ear.

He groaned again, looking at me hopefully, I looked at him smiling understanding straight away what it was exactly he was getting at, I nodded and he slid his pants down so the bulge was free. He tore open the little rectangle and slipped it on, lining his erection up to me.

“You sure?” He asked looking at me, his face so soft and loving it would almost make you cry.

I just nodded looking into his eyes as he entered me. I gasped as a shooting pain made its way up my abdomen. Tears filled my eyes but I kept looking at those grey eyes.

“Tessie, do you want to keep going?” He asked gently and I could feel him strain to pull away from me, I nodded biting my lip through the pain.

Jamie moved in and out slowly and the pain began to rescind leading into a better feeling, I found myself moaning as Jamie moved against me, but in pleasure- not pain.

I gasped as the pleasure seemed to come in heavy waves, Jamie was watching me, his expression a mixture of lust and love, be began to move against Jamie making it become almost too good.

He moaned loudly and grabbed my breast to his mouth, as I moved against him; I could feel something good begin to build up, something good.

Jamie was moaning loudly now and my nails were digging into his back as we went faster and harder.

Suddenly it was like I was being sucked into a black hole. I shuddered violently and bit Jamie’s shoulder. He smiled widely and with one last thrust he grunted and leaned his head against my shoulder.

I was smiling like an idiot once the feeling of standing on an earthquake passed. “Wow”. Was all I could say. Why hadn’t I done this earlier? Oh yeah that’s right because I wasn’t with Jamie, now that I realised that I loved him in a way passed friendship I couldn’t imagine being with anyone else like that. 

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