We're Over.

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I was 16 then, it's been three years now since I ran from my "father's" house and passed out in front of Stella's parents' car and since then, I've been living with them in the beautiful city of London which wasn't that beautiful to me before. They are really nice people and make me feel loved. Stella is like a sister to me now. Her parents are tour guides for a really huge travel agency which keeps them away from Stella. That made her feel very lonely till they found me that night while they were in town for a holiday and were returning from dinner.

I still remember how I had to beg in front of them so that they don't send me back and they decided to foster me even when I wasn't really an orphan.

After completing our secondary education, we both have started working and earn; me as a photographer for a magazine and Stella as a writer for the same, we have taken an apartment just for the two of us because our parents', yes, mine and Stella's parents' house was too big to take care of. The job was also a result of the connections Mr. and Mrs. Norman had. Now, I wasn't the kind of person who appreciated being handed out things just like that. In fact, I had a thing against anyone who easily got things given to them decorated  on a golden platter. I actually almost didn't take up the job because I thought I didn't work for it. Then I was told that I would have to go through a round of interviews. I was still hesitant, but Stella explained to me that I wasn't really being given anything for free because of the interviews and over that, we were just using the resources provided to us by our parents. We had to work hard just as anyone would have to for the interviews and even after that.

Although we already had jobs or internships,  rather, they were just summer jobs. We were to continue our education in the University of London. I intended to peruse a bachelor's degree in English Literature and Stella planned to do the same.

It was amazing how at the age of 16, I had no hope of coming so far in life. I had no idea that I'd ever continue after my primary education or get a job. Hell, I wasn't sure I would even live as long as I have!

My train of thoughts was cut of as I see the stars were surprisingly so dim. It surprises me how the constellations always amazed me but this night they aren't the same. The constellations, saggitarius, my favorite one gor obvious reasons. I was a saggitarius. I was trying to find it but I couldn't get myself to stand there and spot it , I don't know why? And it was not like me to not be able to spot a constellation. It was difficult to spot them nowadays as it is. I don't know why, the stars tonight  were just ordinary and didn't make me stop and stare at the sky in awe. They were just very....ordinary?

Yes. Let us just go with that.

It was mid winter and I was walking back on my way to my home from just another walk I usually take every night before going to bed. Dry leaves on the road getting crushed under my red converse making a crunching sound that I was really fond of. Both my hands stuffed in the pockets of my black skinny jeans. My hoody brushing against my straight black hair.

Even if the stars aren't shining as bright as they usually do,it is a very beautiful night. Well I thought so but people change their minds right?

My opinion about the night changed just as I came across the local park that was right across the street. Well it wasn't a sight I would want to see... or even imagine.

There he was sucking her right in the face like there's no tomorrow. Snogging her in a full make out session and trying to hide behind a bush which honestly ,they were failing at. He was practically half way down having sex with her, with that one girl I know who cannot keep her legs shut, in the middle of the night in a public park.

Tears brimming from the corner of my eyes like a waterfall. Tears of sadness? No. Tears of frustration , annoyance , anger , disgust and ..and ..the list can just go on.

I walked towards him, James , my boyfriend for three years who talked about getting married to me and having babies with me and growing old with me which just turned out to be a big fat lie because obviously he was more interested in shoving his tongue down a random girl's throat not even caring about what I might think or how I might feel if I find out or what we both have .....correction, had.

"James.." I stutter disgusted even by taking his name. "You're not really doing a good job in hiding, you know.." I trail off and they both whip their head towards me ,standing and breaking apart from the one sickening kiss they just shared out of the other million I saw.

I turn on my heels fresh tears falling down from my eyes and staining my cheeks.

"Oh Shoot!" I hear him say as he gets off the bench and runs towards me screaming my name for me to stop.

I keep walking ,oblivious to what he was saying.

"Al! Aliza ..babe! Please stop. Just listen to me once! I have an explanation! Please just wait!" I hear him scream across the road where I'm standing from the park.

And SHE just stood there probably waiting for James to come to her and suck her face again.

"Aliza! Babe ..I can explain!" he said one more time.

No. I'm not gonna stop. I feel like someone just ran a truck over me and there is absolutely nothing in this world I can do to make the pain go away. He cheated on me? He doesn't get a chance to explain himself? I won't give him a chance to! Anyway..what is he gonna say? What is he gonna explain? That they were just hanging out in the park and he slipped and his tongue landed in her mouth? Yea sure! I'm done with this! So done.

We're over.

I keep walking ,tears still stinging my icy blue eyes when I feel someone yank me by the arms and turn me around so I.could face him. Who else was it gonna be but James?

"It's done." I try to say in a voice just above whisper.

"But listen to me at least!" he says making me pull away from him but I can't because he has held me tight.

"Let me go James!" I almost scream this time." Let me go. Leave me alone so that you can go and snog that slut's mouth without thinking about me, that is if you were even thinking about me!" And I feel his grip on my hand tighten.

That's it! I cannot stand the thought of even being around me let alone touching me!

"Get off me!" I say for the last time but he doesn't leave me.

I feel my fist clench and the next thing I know ,within a second my fist lands on his jaw line punching him and making him back off.

I took my chance and just turned around to walk away but then I feel someone pull me back.

"You filthy bitch!" I hear James say before he slaps me right across my face, making me land on the ground with my cheeks burning in pain.

That is when I see that girl closely. Pulling James behind by his shoulder so that he doesn't another chance to hit me.

"Let's go James!" She says taking his hand and making him walk away from me but he doesn't move.

He just stands there...staring at me , his eyes burning red fiercely.  

"That's enough, leave her alone.." she says this time and I see both of them walk away. I sit there on the road ,watching both the figures to disappear in the moonlight.

That is when I can't take it anymore and burst out in tears. Basically , laying on the road and crying.

Why? Why did this happen to me? We were so happy... so perfect? Why did he turn out to be such a jerk? Why did this happen to us? Why me?


Hey. Hope you like this chapter. If you're reading this,I love you. :) :* :) :*

- Aiman.

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