02 || Obviously Oblivious [Rewritten]

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"I know, Sir, I'm not the man who your daughter is in love with. But I assure you that after my marriage to her, I'll take care of her in the same manner her fiancé would've had he been alive. I'll keep her happy. I know you and Mrs. Kapoor, both love your daughter a lot and I promise I'll never let you both regret your decision of marrying her to me."

These were the words her husband had spoken to her parents, the day she had relented for the marriage. She couldn't understand what, but there was something in his voice that had made her feel her decision of marrying him was right. Though, in this moment, she wished she hadn't because—

"—Sidharth, this is the last time I'm telling you to get away from the mirror. I need to get ready, otherwise I'll be late, again!" she flared her nostrils, her hands on her hips. It was already half past seven in morning and she had to reach her college before nine. Having earned her Doctorate in English Literature few months back, she was now an Associate Professor in one of the elitist colleges of the nation, St. Mary's College.

But it didn't have any effect on her self-obsessed husband, who continued fixing his cufflinks, all the while standing infront of the mirror. It annoyed her. For the past fifteen minutes she had been telling him to give her some space to stand in front of the mirror, she had to make her hair. But it fell on deaf years, and her patience reached its limit.

"Chillax, wifey, I can hear you," responded her husband, at last, "but I think you're blind because can't you see I'm try to fix my cufflinks?"


"Oh, yes, you are. I forgot that your glasses are yet to come. Sorry, Ms. Antique," he smirked, turning to the mirror again.

Khushali grimaced. In last two months of marriage, one of the things that her husband had learnt about her (and found peculiar too), was her infamous habit of losing her glasses quite often. And this certainly—when she lost her two pair of glasses within the first month of marriage—amused her husband, to such extent that he reminded her of her carelessness every time she called him lazy.

But it didn't mean she'd always let him get away without listening to her on point comeback.

"For your kind information, Mr. Mehra, I'm not longer a Miss, I'm a Missus, Missus Mehra, though I prefer Dr. Khushali Kapoor Mehra. So this means, if you imply me to be antique, then you're antique too. Oh, poor you!" she slyly grinned, before turning toward the mirror to smoothen her peach coloured cotton shirt, which she had paired with faded blue denim jeans. Though, her red and white chooda and her mangalsutra, along with the vermilion that she had applied on her hair partition, gave her the newly bride look, and complemented her too.

"Huh!" he gasped, "that's mean." He moved toward her, but she didn't pay attention to him and simply walked toward the mirror. She tied her hair quickly into a messy braid, while Sidharth continued to huff, much to her amusement.

"Hubby, are you gonna spend your entire day standing here? I won't mind, though just do the laundry as well. Our maid hasn't turned up today, once again," said Khushali, picking up her handbag and her notebook which had the notes she had prepared the previous night for her lectures.

Moving out of their bedroom, in a very nonchalant manner, she spared one look at her husband and giggled seeing his frowning at her with a grumpy look. Not that only he had the right to tease her and get away with it as well.

"Aww, hubby, you look so cute with that frown. Do try this expression very often, I'm sure your clients would love to meet Mister Sidharth 'Grumpy' Mehra," she smiled at him, which only made him scowl at her. But she shrugged her shoulders and added, "Anyway, you continue your frown game, I'm off for breakfast. See you in the evening, and please do the laundry if you're intending to really stay home today. Bye, hubby."

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