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* * * *

    The man stares at me, in shock.

    "HOLY MOTHER OF- I can't believe it....!" The man says, gasping.

    He look's at me, smiling. Not worried about the situation that he put himself in,

    Taking a step forward, I say

    "Pl-please, help! Can you let me call my brother, or dad?? I need to make sure if they're okay! Let them know that I'm alive!" My voice, filled with worry.

    "Sure! Hey, no need to panic. Alright? My brother, he had to go into work!" He reassures.

    "Uh, my name's Max! Nice to meet you. I've heard so much about you! Your that one young detective that everyone talks about!"

    Staring at him, I say nothing.

    "This is why he was being so tense, in the morning...." Max whispers to himself.

    Looking up at me, he say's

    "Hey! Wanna know the story of how I found you??" He asks.


    "What?! NO! I need to go! I need to get the hell out of here!!" I yell, impatient.

    "R-right. Let's head upstairs." Max says, holding out his hand.

    Staring at his hand, I think

    Should I even trust this man, that easily? I want to leave! But....what if he's somewhat bad. Helping his brother.

    Huffing, I walk passed him. Not taking his hand.

    Looking down at the ground, I say

    "Names Y/N, by the way." Looking at the stair's, I continue walking.

    Making it up the stair's, Max say's

    "Here, make yourself comfortable. I'm gonna go grab the phone," Nodding, I enter the living room.

    Noticing the board that was in the living room, I walk up to it.

    "Nice...." I whisper.

    Looking up, I see a picture of Billy. Causing my heart to ache.

    Looking towards the kitchen, I yell

    "Hey! Mind if I explore around?" I ask.

    "Sure! Do what you want!!" Smiling, I walk through the hallway.

    Making it to one of the rooms, I immediately know that it is the Grabber's room.

    The room, giving me an off vibe.

    Something caught my attention,

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