⏤͟͟͞͞☆ REALIZATION. ⏤͟͟͞͞☆

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* * * *

       "Holy mother of- I still can't believe it. I....my brother....and you....being here, this whole time! Probably even the other kids, as well. Maybe he put them somewhere else?" The man says, talking to himself.

    Flinching, when I heard him bring up the other kids.

    Knowing that....they're all gone.

       The man looks up at me, smiling. Completely shocked, at seeing me.

    Both of us, face-to-face.

    Shaking, walking forward, feeling tears slip down my face, I say

    "Please, h-help. Can you....can you let me call my dad? Or, to call my sister?? I need to let them know that I'm okay! Need to know if they're okay! I need....to let them know that.....I'm alive...."

       "Ya, sure. Hey, don't panic. Alright? My brother, he's not here! He had to go into work. Left not so long ago. So, no need to worry." Shaking my head, I say

    "How can I not worry?! I've been here....for so long! Nearly dying!! I NEED TO CALL MY SIBLINGS!" I yell.

    The room, echoing.

    He look's at me, kinda scared.

       Surprised, I look down at the floor.

    What am I becoming? I've never seen myself have such low patience! I can't even recognize who I even am....anymore.

    Who even am I, now?

    "Uh, m-my names Max! It's nice to see you. I've been hearing about you! You're the youngest detective, in the police station! The one who almost found the kid's? I just want to say that, I love your work!" Staring at him, blankly, I say nothing.

    Barely even having enough energy to do anything, anymore. Not even to talk,

       "This is why he was being so tense in the morning. Before he told me....that." He whispers, the last word.

    That? What'd he tell him? What did they talk about? Or....discuss??

       "Hey, you want to know the story about how I found you, girl?" He say's, causing me to get out of my thought.

    What?? Is he being serious, right now?!

    "What?? No! You serious?! There's a loose child serial killer, out, right now! May come back any second!! I need to get the hell out of here!! To report your....brother, to the police!" Yelling, angry.

       He look's down.

    "Brother...." Gasping, covering my mouth. Beginning to feel bad, for what I've just said.

    "I'm....sorry, sir? Are you no longer gonna help me?" He shake's his head.

    "What? No, no!! You're....right. You need to get out of here. I'll....help. C'mon, let's head upstairs. Ya?" He say's, smiling reassuringly.

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