F*cked up life !

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F*cked up life !



Please someone stay,

someone lay with me.

someone give some care,

Come on give me some share.



this is getting crazy

f*ck this shit, I'm not doing this

blaming me all the time,

but now it's my time,

I’m saying goodbye.



Please go away,

Leave me now you can,

now you understand.

I left you, you break me every time I healed

Why, Why Focking why

Can’t you just say goodbye



Just leave me, Please go away

never come back ,never stay

I hate this, it's all ruined

But simply as it is, leaving you,

is the only thing I miss...



Just share some care,

Or leave me dying there,

I don’t care anymore.

You won’t share some more.

Just leave it all behind.


Close the curtains make the world go Black

frozen hard, breaking these shards.



Bring my Angel back, make me love

I care, I still do

why don’t you see through.

Bring back that one person,

Bring back that what once was mine.

Please Love me like you did,

Love me like I wished.


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