Chapter 23

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"Well currently I am trying to get some brownie points with your daughter and follow her ridiculous plan."

"But that doesn't answer my question , boy." my dad stated.

"I am Ceo and owner of Landon corp. My family originated from a small town in Italy near Greece. Your daughter captivated my attention since the first time I saw her."

"So what are your intentions with my daughter?"

"My intentions are to make her my bride." Lucas said.

"I hope you know son, that she isn't an easy women to win over.''

"I know. I found out the hard way."

You may ask where I was when all this was taking place. I was hiding my face in my hands while my mom rubbed my back.

"Don't worry honey he's passing with flying colors. Soon you will be planning the wedding of your dreams. "

That didn't make me feel any better. I had a feeling that what she said was going to be true. Only time will tell.


Nikki's POV

My head pounding. It has been a very stressful week. The 'rents stayed for about three days. They had a smug look on there faces when I looked at them. Like if they knew something that I didn't.

At first they didn't recognize Lucas because he was shirtless and had grown a beard. You know like the one Derek has in teen wolf. Plus Lucas was being straight forward with them. Not beating around the bush. Like before.

Any who, it was time for me to get up. I need to go back to my morning routine. Going on a daily jog used to be my go to therapy before I found Haylee. Human interaction is needed but sometimes its over rated.

Finally I had enough energy or rather the sun was bothering me to much and I dragged my body out of my bed.

Haylee had made a point the last time we talked. She gave some clues that she wanted to be the maid of honor in my future wedding with a certain Italian man.


"When you get married to Lucas I'm going to be your made of honor, not the chocolate cake in the fridge, or your side chick."

"Haylee I don't have a side chick."



She gave me a small glare and marched back into the kitchen. I follow right behind. "Why so moody?" Haylee stops dead on her tracks. "Me moody- Pft nah more like hoody."

I gave her an incredulous look. She looked away from my face and into the flowered pattern of her converse.

Something's wrong.


"Ohh lookie here lover boy just walked in." She said and hurriedly walked away.

I felt arms circle my waist and pulling me towards a his chest.

"What are you doing Lucas? Aren't you supposed to be working? I would be surprised if your company is still the number one with you always spending time with me instead of being at work."

"For your information Cara, My company is still number one because I have created a well oiled machine that can function without my presence."

It was close to closing time and everyone was getting ready to go home to rest.

My last customer walked out the door with a nod and wave my way. I locked the doors after her and was about to go to the cashier to take out the money when Lucas pulled me on his lap into the closest chair.

"What are you doing? I have things to do, Lucas."

"I am spending quality time with my girlfriend."

He started to kiss my neck and caressed my cheek with his nose.

"This is spending quality time with your girlfriend?"

"This is just a very pleasurable plus." He murmured.

Of course this is what he says.

Somehow I disentangled myself from his octopus arms and did the rest of my chores. Haylee had left using the back exit. That sneaky fox.

"Lucas ready to go?"


Since I came walking to the bakery we left in Lucas's car. My head leaned against the window shield and I snoozed off.


A caress to my cheek and a kiss to the corner of my mouth woke me up from my short lived nap.

I swatted my hand against the person that woke me up.

A short chuckle was my response.

"Wake up."

"Noooo carry me." I whined.

"As you wish madam." His strong muscular arms lifted me up from the warm seat and cuddled me into his firm chest.

"Where are your keys?"

"MMh. Oh on top of the door frame." I mumbled against his neck.

He went from caring bridal style to tossing me over his shoulder like a potato sack. His abruptness dispersed the remains of my sleep.

My hands had a mind of there own and pounded against his back."Let me down Lucas, you brute.

"Who you calling a brute amore mio (my love)? I'll show you a brute." he stated huskily.

He gently tossed me on the bed and climbed n top of me. His weight being supported by his forearms on either side of my face.

"You are a brute. You are possessive, arrogant, and annoyingly handsome." I told him.

"Principessa (princess) since I laid eyes on you, you have en-captured me. You are the love of my life." He said while kissing up my collar bone onto my neck and then taking my earlobe into his heavenly mouth and sucking on it lightly.

"Mmh Lucas. What have you done to me. Did you go to an enchantress and ask for a potion? When I'm with you I feel complete." My lust hazy mind accomplished to say.

"If it was up to me principessa we'd get married right this minute but unfortunately at this hour the priest is in deep sleep."

His mouth kept doing sinful things to my body declaring it his and his only, over and over again all night.


Hello peeps before you start sharpening those knives I know you have hidden. I have an excellent reason.

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