Chapter One - Second Chance

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We had promised to chat every day and nothing, not even distance was supposed to extinguish the 13 year friend ship we had forged. Our upbringing was similar in all the same ways, but so different from everyone else's. What was normal to us wasn't normal to the other kids at school. We were the children of rock stars. It bound us, and that familiarity made us close.

Then Mom was offered an amazing opportunity in New York and everything changed. We moved, relocated, and I was ripped from the bonds that had secured me so comfortably.

Like a fish out of water I struggled to breathe, it wasn't before I began to drown in the stagnant air around me.

Chapter One.

"You promise me you will be on your best behavior Amber." Mom warned, I rolled my eyes, but only because she had me engulfed in a hug so tight that she couldn't see me doing it.

"I promise Mom." I said absorbing the hug, I wasn't sure when I was going to get another so I needed to take this moment and savor it. Mom released me and I looked up at Dad. He smiled and yanked me in to his arms. "We love you kiddo, we just want you to be happy."

I nodded, biting back the ball of emotion in my throat. I just wanted to be happy too, but I wasn't sure it was even possible anymore. The last couple years had been hard. Really hard. My emotions were shot. I could already feel tears beginning to form, I didn't need to fall in to a quivering mess. Not here, not where everyone could see me.

"I will be Daddy." I whispered, not sure I could live up to the promise, but I had to try, I was beginning to run out of chances.

"They're calling your plane." Mom voice wavered as she spoke, I frowned against Dad's shirt, I could tell Mom was going to cry and I wasn't sure I could handle seeing her upset. I'd already caused so much pain for her after all. "I love you Dad." I whispered pulling back I kissed him on the cheek. His day old bristles scratched my lips. "I love you to Amb's" He let me go, even though I could tell it was with regret, I turned and walked into Mom's arms once more, inhaling her floral perfume, committing it to memory. This was going to be hard, but after the past couple of years, so necessary. "I love you Mom." I managed to choke out, the emotion was finally threatening to overcome me, but I held on by a shred.

I felt Mom's tears hit my t-shirt, soaking through the thin material. "I love you too." She sobbed, her words broken and unstable.

I pulled back and took a deep breath. This was it. I was leaving my parents and going to spend six months with a family I hadn't seen in almost 5 years. Of course, my parents had referred to them as part of our 'Patchwork family' and I remembered the closeness, I remembered the boys, I remembered the bond, But I also remembered the hurt I felt when I had disappeared of the radar of the two boys I'd shared a supposed 'unbreakable' bond with. We had all been best friends and then they forgot all about me, it was like I had never existed. It had hurt to the point that I stayed in New York whenever my parents had returned for their various reasons. But look where that had landed me....

I didn't have a choice now. The bullying had reached fever pitch. Mom said Scarlett, her best friend and confidante had experience with some of the pain I was going through and I had nothing left to lose now, except my sanity and I was only holding on to that by a thread. I adjusted my backpack and walked towards the gate. With tears in my eyes I waved goodbye and walked away.

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