Beth came to my house after school to do homework; we were halfway through discussing our science project when she asked, "What's up with you and Mr Hottie?"

I knew who she was talking about, sadly and for a second I thought she knew so I was careful how I worded my response, "What do you mean?" looking down at my notepad instead of at her.

She shoved her own notebook aside and shut the textbook in front of us, this wouldn't be a short talk then, "You were staring at each other for ages like you already knew each other or something."

Lying was something I usually didn't do to my best friend but the last thing I wanted was to get Ryan in trouble. He'd told me himself that I shouldn't say anything; it wasn't like last night would happen again.

He'd been so adamant about that.

"Um no, how could I? It was his first day."

"Maybe you've met somewhere before, seriously how do you explain what happened in class today?" Beth asked, waiting for my explanation. Usually I told her everything and she knew I was keeping something from her.

I doodled on the corner of the open page, using a nonchalant tone of voice, "I don't know Beth, I can't explain what happened, it just did."

She smiled, wiggling her dark eyebrows at me, "Its ok if you like him Pop, the whole class does. Even some of the guys."

I laughed, mainly because I was relieved with the pressure off me, I was back on safe ground, "That's a lie."

She snorted and began plaiting her hair as she tucked her legs under her body to get comfortable, "Did you see the look on Craig Mitchell's face when Mr. Hottie walked in? I swear that guy is this close to coming out of that closet."

"Please stop calling him that." I groaned, it made me feel uneasy when I thought about other girls thinking Ryan was hot.

He wasn't my boyfriend or anything but I still felt as if I had a claim to him or something equally as stupid. I mean I had slept with the guy and that meant something right?

He may have told me to forget but I couldn't, even though we barely knew each other, I felt like I could get to know him if he wasn't my teacher. I'd been too drunk to think of getting his number.

She grinned, "Why not?"

"It's just weird, is all." Was all I said to her.

Beth just rolled her eyes at me, "So I haven't heard anything else about this Ryan dude you spent the night with, how was it?"

"From what I can remember, it was really good. He wasn't a douche bag." I told her, trying to fight the fuzz so I could remember more about last night other than the main reason why I'd gone to his apartment.

"You know all about douche bags, are you going to see him again?" She asked, making a reference to the guys I usually dated. They were usually overconfident and only wanted one thing from me. I'd only slept with three of them; Ryan was by far the oldest.

"Hopefully... but I don't think so." I would see him again just not in the way she thought.

"Why not? You told me it went great."

"It did but he's older than me." and my teacher, I added to myself.

"So? Hello, everyone is dating older guys these days. Who wants those immature boys we've known since we were three?"

She was right, I was tired of being around guys my age which was precisely the reason why we'd gone to the club last night to test drive our fake IDs, "Well it's more complicated than that."

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