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The Bang Bang Effect (A thrilling, teen romance story with 'action' if ya no what I mean heh)



 --------Chapter One---------

Ten minutes until the end of the test and me and trig were finally getting along. I suddenly remembered the right formula with the aid of my partners test paper of course, and was on my way to finishing. Well, finishing off the first page.

When I looked at the decimal numbers on question two I accidently snapped the lead of my pencil.There was no way they expected me to do this and get it right without a mathematician whispering the answers into my ear.

The least they could have done was allow me to have my own calculator on my lap instead of something that resembled a remote control. I felt like slapping myself when I pictured my modern scientific calculator lying underneath an empty cup of coffee on the table by my bed.

I looked around the classroom, feeling a little relieved to see that I wasn't the only person not scribbling away at my new enemy, trigonometry, in its papery form. Even my partner was no longer writing and was currently drawing some funky teddy bear with fluff coming from its ears and mouth and a knife sticking out from its chest. The pencil she was holding seemed very sharp. I shuffled my chair as far away as my desk would allow me.

I spent my time day dreaming about a ninja invasion when an empty seat caught my eyes. It shouldn't really have because it was empty every single lesson, the occupant of the chair never bothering to show up for this math class. Clever boy.

It seemed weird in my mind to be giving that guy a compliment but I guess there's a first time for everything. Besides, from what I'd seen his head's way too big from the never ending compliments given to him on a daily basis. Not literally because just about every member of the female population (mostly in my school, including teachers; older women digged him as well apparently) would argue against that claim. Whenever his name, 'Liam Gage Cooper', was spoken the word 'perfect' appeared to have gotten lost and ended up in the same sentence. In my opinion he was far from perfect in many ways.

He was clearly very handsome, I'm not delusional enough to deny it, but they seem to forget that he is pretty unfriendly and definitely not the best academically. I mean, I'm not either but who wants to talk about me? No, me neither.

Before I could seriously get into cussing him out in my mind my teacher called the end of the test just before the final bell of the day went. I couldn't pack my bag and leave hell quicker enough. It took two seconds to get to the other side of the door and even that was too slow.

In moments the halls were filling with people like me who just want to get home and forget about school at least until tomorrow when hells gates re-open.