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"You and I will meet again 
When we're least expecting it. 
Someday in some far off place 
I will recognize your face 
I won't say goodbye my friend 
For, you and I will meet again.."

~ Tom Petty


All eyes were on her, as she walked down the aisle, but her eyes were fixated just on me. She looked gorgeous in her white wedding dress and I could not take my eyes away from her as she took slow steps towards me. Her lips were curled up in a smile; a smile that I had become too accustomed to. Finally, she reached and stood in front of me. We looked at each other like there was no one else in this place. She looked at me with happiness, while I looked in her eyes in search of something... something that I should have seen years ago. I could not help, but recall all the days I had spent with her over the years. I could not help, but recall the day I had first met her.

I am Keith Warren, a self proclaimed player and this is my journey.



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