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1. My name is Marina

2. My birthday is in June 20th (me and Daniel Skye have the same bday😇)

3. I think you probably know this but I love love love MAGCON.

4. I like to play sports

5. I consider myself weird

6. I have a brother (he has eyes just like Nash😑)

7. My best friends are Jennifer, Jennifer, and Kalolaine

8. I love llamas

9. My favorite food is pizza (for real)

10. I am an outgoing person I hate being home all day

11. My favorite song(s) are "all I want", "tattooed heart", "trap queen", "all that matters", "confident", "your biggest fan", "like that", "never be alone", "life of the party", "don't stop", and way more

12. I like to read WATTPAD fan fictions

13. I like to go to school (if you are wondering yes I do have good grades)

14. I hate it when people lie

15. I don't like it when people brag

16. I am Armenian and American

17. I am 5'4

18. I am in 6th grade

19. My dream is to become famous

20. I can't live if there is no wifi.

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