"A story about family, love, rivalry, sacrifice, humility and forgiveness."


Leilani Alfonso (Sarah Geronimo) - 24 years old, owns a meat business at their local market and is the guardian of her only sister, Lana.

Lana Alfonso ( Kathryn Bernardo) - 16 years old, a College Freshman studying Journalism, a bit rebellious because of her sister's overprotectiveness

David Marc Aragon (Daniel Padilla) - 17 years old, a  College Sophomore studying Civil Engineering, easy-go-lucky who would rather be in a band with his friends, he is only studying Engineering because of his half-brother's prodding. 

Geoffrey Hans Jones (Gerald Anderson) - 24 years old, David's older half-brother, a Civil Engineer in their family owned business Jones Construction Inc.


Leilani is an overprotective sister to Lana. They were both orphaned at an early age, Leilani is Lana's legal guardian and also serves as her parent figure. 

Lana will meet David Aragon and they will be friends, eventually she will fall in love with him but David will fall in love with her sister, Leilani instead. 

Geoffrey will do anything to make sure that David finishes school and teach him about their construction business. He will find out about David's involvement with Leilani and will be shocked at the impending May-December affair and will sway him to forget about her, but falls in love with Leilani in the process.

What will happen when you are torn between family, love and ambition. 

Is it safe to just let go of the love you are feeling or reassess if it is indeed meant to be YOURS

Is it okay to be selfish and get what you always wanted for yourself even when you are hurting someone you love in the process? MINE

Or will it be better to stop anything before it happens in the hopes of stopping something that can be both OURS?

Yours, Mine , Ours (On Hold)Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!