Chapter 1: The Mansion

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"Bye Mum!" Phil watched as his mother vanished down the road. He sighed, it would be a long summer.

Phil's aunt had recently moved away from her mansion in the deep woods. So Mr. and Mrs.Lester thought it would be good for Phil to stay the summer there. Phil was not to keen on this idea.

Sure he loved the woods and animals, in fact he probably knew everything there is to know about nature. He just didn't like it here.

You see, the mansion was big, scary, gloomy, and dark. He hated it! It was near a lake and a thick woods filled with dead trees and grown over brush.

Phil pulled his bags up to the steps. The floorboard creaked.

A squirrel ran across the ground in front of him, causing him to look down. He watched as it ran into the woods and curl intself into a ball. That's he wanted to do. Curl into a ball.

Phil pushed the tall double doors to the mansion open. A gust of dust blew into his face, he coughed.

Looking around the inside it was like a horror film come to life.

White sheets covered furniture and pictures hanging on the wall. A thick coating of dust covered a small wooden table standing next to him. The floor boards were squeaky and broken. The walls were cracked and peeling, and not to mention smelled of mold.

Phil walked down a narrow hallway to the left of him. He noticed something at the end of the dark corridor. A white sheet covering something on the wall.

Letting curiosity get the best of him, he walked towards it. The floor boards creaked as he walked steadily towards the sheet.

Once reached, he extended an arm and ripped of the sheet.

It was a mirror, a golden mirror.

Phil stared closely at the mirror and shrugged. Just a dusty old mirror

But what he didn't realize was that a man was staring right back at him, a man with a smirk.

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