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Pressed against a predisposed cage

My mind imprisoned to stay awake

Restless hours I attempt to escape

Yet, I am not privy to the gift of rest

Night my companion- refuses release

While the ‘others’ blessed with normality sleep

I am my own clock absent of a dial

The essence of a reluctant child

All is quiet in the hours I toil

As I dwell suspended in a moonlit cell

Yes night, she is but a seductress fiend

Enticing my mind, forbidding me to dream

O’ how I long to awake at dawn

To rise with the sun’s gently woven song

However, for me this greeting remains unseen

For countless sunrises have bled me to sleep

The birds- so chorus, announce earth's harmony

Mimic miniature intrusions with chaotic screams

Pecking at my ears with such peaceful strife

While I plead for silence, and try to cling to night

My stomach swims as nausea plays

Daytime again; dark circles to erase

Weary now I can retire, and wake before three

So I can pretend to be like everyone else- except me

*until tonight*

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