Chapter 1: The New Me

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Chapter 1

The New Me

The sunrise was a mixture of orange of red set against a clear blue sky that morning. I could hear the birds singing from the forest below along with the subtle sound of rushing water from the nearby waterfalls. It was peaceful.

If only I felt the same.

Titus started to move around, and I prayed he won't bump into me. Everything ached from my transformation the night before.

He nuzzled my cheek with his hand on my shoulder. "How are you feeling?"

I shook my head. Even my jaw hurt.

"That bad?"

I nodded.

The black werewolf climbed out of bed. "Do you want something to eat?"

"No," I whispered.

He sat down in front of me and brushed back my head fur. "I could take you to the hot pools. It'll help loosen you up."

With a sigh, I nodded. I didn't want to move, but sitting here was going to fix it either. Titus pulled the blankets off me and helped me sit up. I could feel my ears splay out to the sides.

"You look miserable." He cupped my cheek and brushed his thumb along my fur.

Bowing my head, I wrung my tail in my hands. It was the only thing that didn't hurt.

"Come here."

I grunted when he hugged me and helped me stand. My knees and feet were the main source of discomfort. They had changed the most and could barely hold my weight. Titus turned around and squatted. I put my arms around his neck and he stood.


"No," I muttered. "Just hurry."

Titus carried me out the door. Climbing down the cliff side was scary, but we made it to the bottom without me falling. My arms were shaking, though. Titus noticed and let me down. I didn't even care it was dirt beneath me, I laid down and curled into a ball.

"Oh Aden," he stroked my neck. "You're breaking my heart right now."

"It hurts."

"I know." He gathered me in his arms. "I'm sorry. I wish I could make you feel better."

He stood and propped me up high enough, so I wouldn't get wet as we crossed the river.

"I think I'm a bit bigger in this form," I whispered in his ear.

Titus laughed lightly. "A little bit."

"Do you think I'll be taller as a human?"

Titus shook his head. "You're always taller in werewolf form compared to human."

We reached the other side.

"Do you want to try walking?"

I shook my head. "Not worth it."

"Alright." He carried me the rest of the way to the hot pools.

Finding a shallow place I could rest, Titus set me down. The warm water wrapped around me, and I exhaled slowly. It felt amazing. It was exactly what my body needed right now.

Titus sat beside me and just stared. "You look so beautiful in this form." He leaned over and licked my cheek. "It fit you, reflects your personality well."

"A ravenous wolf?" I muttered, examining the deep red fur on my arm and legs. "It's the same color as Darius."

He nuzzled my neck. "His coat is darker, and you don't need to worry. Among other werewolves you're not intimidating enough to be considered ravenous."

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