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Open your eyes
it's time
to go down
the rabbit hole
with empty pockets
a broken compass
and a pair
of blank dice

Take the red pill
or the blue pill
It doesn't matter
They're both

Let that
sink in
as you taste
the bitter venom
they were
gracious enough
to waste
as we eagerly
stirred it in
took a big sip
chased it
with a dumb look
on our face

Uncontrolled emotions
Are now growing
like a volcano
The Magma burns
deep into
our fragile skin
as it rages
No key to this cage
we woke up to
and found ourselves
trapped in

The charade
was highly orchestrated
Wake up
They played us

We were too ignorant
to realize
we were blinded
and misguided
All they did
was lie to us
and we let
our emotions
to be the only thing
left inside of
to guide us

And guess what
at the end of the day
it always ends up
the same damn way
Half cocked gun
itchy trigger finger
Sitting there
our own two hands
but we're too afraid
to take aim
so we join them all
in their masquerade

It's our own fault
we mistake sarcasm
for kindness
We are subliminally
to be silenced
frozen in our lifetime
denying it

Our minds are
forever stuck
in perpetual motion
While our bodies
are still going
through the motions
They're stoking that fire
and when they
finally hand us
a hose
with a few drops of water
to control it
What do we do
We watch it burn
as it all unfolds
on the six o'clock news

By the time the clock
strikes midnight
we're too tired
to realize
that our whole lives
were wasted
filled with nothing
but bullshit
force fed to us
as we did nothing
but smile
and enjoy
the taste of it

All Rights Reserved
©️ Bobbie J Lowrey 2022

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