Chapter 6

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Chapter 6


“Alright, listen up!” I yelled, the whole hall grew silent, Snape jumped up but one of the teachers

grabbed his sleeve making him sit back down.

“I haft to tell you something, I am not a Malfoy! As everyone knows, I was adopted!”

All of them rolled their eyes, “But I have a different last name!”

“No duh Sherlock!” Came a Slytherin, half the great hall burst into laughter’s.

I sighed, someone else called out “What, are you a long bottom?”

More laughter’s,

“No-” I started but someone else called out

“Who cares who you are!”


“Give me a break!”

“Your such a freaking loser!”

“Tell us who the Bloody hell you are already!”

“Fine!” I yelled,

“Shut up!”


Everyone went quite, whispers, the Gryffindor table stood there with they’re mouths open, but Harry

and Hermione were talking together secretly.

Then all Hell broke loose.


Yelling all over the hall


“But it’s the not the truth!”

“Yeah right! Says the Potters fake sister!”

“But I am telling the bloody truth!” I yelled.

Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and everyone except Gryffindor moved in on me,

I was being pushed around, “Leave” Shove “Me” Push “Alone!” I was thrown out of the crowd,

everyone yelling,

“This is an outrage!”

People were starting to group around Harry, teachers were trying to calm everyone down, the only

teachers that remained in their seats, were Snape, Lupin, and Hagrid. All mouths hanging open, I

waved slightly when I dodged a pack of yelling Slytherins,

More yelling, pushing, arguing, I finally made it out of the great hall, wand ready.

I was breathing hard, Lupin walked up, some how, even if he was just in the hall.

“Uh, hi?” I said.

His eyebrows were scrunched together, he had his hand on his chin.

“You know Semira, when you smacked me in the train, you didn’t even notice what I meant to be

starring at, do you?” he asked.

I shrugged, he came up, moved my shirt down lower, revealing my heart scar

“That proves it, see what I mean? Who-Must-Not-Be-Named gave you that scar, just as he did to

Harry, don’t you see?”

I smacked his hand and walked away from him “I see, I only did this out of anger, but everyone

thinks it is a joke, I am not going to go around the school and show my chest to everyone, know

how weird that would be?”

“I understand,” He said “But what are you going to do now? Now that no one believes you?”

I thought for a sec, and shrugged.

“You know” He continued “Some children have the same potronus as they’re parents, Lilly had a

Doe, if you do, you might be able to prove it. Or adoptions papers, though, that would take decades

to find, they were stolen the day you were kidnapped. So the best we can do, is teach you, you show

it in front of the school, some will believe you. But if that doesn’t work, you can just show them the

scar, if the still don’t believe you… I could compare Lily’s and your wand?”

I just shrugged.

He waved his hand “No, no, how can we prove it?”

I piped up out of no where “DNA From Harry and Me?”

He snapped and pointed at me “Exactly! But that could take months with all the problems at the

hospital everyday… Maybe we can ask the nurse, yes, the nurse.”

Then he walked by me muttering, I rolled my eyes, opened the great hall door and saw screaming

and fighting.

I sighed, walked in, stood in the middle of the buzzing crowd, raised my wand and yelled a spell

and a chalk board squeak echoed throughout the hall.

Everyone screamed and covered they’re ears, the screaming stopped, so did the noise.

They all came out of a crouch silently and looked around confused

“Alright! Listen up! You could say I was a liar! You could say I was telling the truth! But just shut the

HELL UP!” Everyone looked at me, mouth open, then the teachers brushed off their clothing, and

started shooing everyone out of the room too class.

I sighed turned around and squealed, Dumbledore was standing right there, hands crossed

together on his stomach. He had a smile, and twinkle in his eyes

“Well” he said “Wasn’t that fun! Could I get the DNA For you? That would be immensely interesting!”

I pointed to the great hall door then at him, twice, mouth open, shook my head and headed out

there, teachers starring at me, like I was crazy.

Then Hagrid piped up

“You wer tellen the truth, righ?”

I turned around, my wand by my side, I looked at all the teachers worried faces.

I nodded “Yes” I said “Put a truth potion on me, or force we with pain, and all I would say, was, Yes, I

was telling the truth”

I turned around and walked out of the Great Hall doors, feeling a great relief off my shoulders, until

the next day. That’s when the teasing began.


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