Long and Dirty Harry Styles Imagine

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This is my first imagine, so comment what you think, vote if you like!


You and harry have been dating for just a little less than the year. He tours all the time,so when he is home, you both cherish each other's company.

Imagine you're at home, watching an episode of your favorite TV show, but its a re-run that you've already seen.

Suddenly the doorbell rings, and you're scared. Its 10 pm and you're alone, and didn't expect anyone.

Thinking the worst, you pick up a rolling pin from the kitchen creep towards the door. You quickly pull it open and hit the creepy hoodie clad figure waiting outside.

"Ouch! What was that for y/n?" A familiar husky voice asks.

You quickly pull the hoodie off to reveal your boyfriend, with a confused expression.

"Arent you supposed to be paris or something?"

"Suprise!" He screams.

You had missed him so much and you couldn't believe e was here!

He steps inside and you shut the door, then turn to face him.

He starts kissing you down your jawline and to your neck.

A shiver goes down your spine as he starts sucking on your sweet spot.

Not caring about the marks he leaves on you, you pull his face up to meet yours and start kissing his mouth.

He sucks on your lowerlip, and you part them to let out a moan, but he ceases the opportunity and sticks his tongue in.

His tongue explores your mouth and he starts kissing you rougher and harder. He places his hands under your bum,squeezing it. His fingers rub your pussy through the thin fabric and then pushes you up so you can wrap your legs around his waist. With your hands tangled in his hair, he presses you up against the door and you love the feeling of being so close to him.

You feel his hand leave your backside and pushing your face closer to his, though you didn't think it was possible. His large hands creep up under your tank top, roaming your chest and squeezing your breasts. as he kneeds your boobs, he whispers all the dirty things that he wants to do to you. He starts making you wet.

You know he is turned on too, since you can feel his manhood hard and erect pressing into you through the fabric of both your clothes.

Pulling away for air, he pulls of your t-shirt and backs you into the bedroom. Pushing you gently down on the large bed, and he climbs onto you, and starts kissing you again. You start unbuttoning his shirt and throw it out of the way. Running your palms over his hard, and toned abs, you realize how many women would kill to be in your position right now.

You lick his abs, leaving a trail of sweet wet kisses down his chest, and to where his happy trail disappears into his pants.

You lick his (4) nipples and suck them, making him moan. You tweek and twinge them to a point that he squeezes you so hard, you feel like you can't breathe. He crushes you in a bone tight embrace and the feeling of your boobs smashed up into his hard chest makes you even more horny.

You feel him pull of your shorts, and his hands roam up and down the inner sides of your thighs, making you wetter. you decide to unbuckle his pants, and he shrugs them off.

Now, you are both in your under wear, and he is staring at you longingly, biting his lower lip. He obviously doesn't realize how much this turns you on, or maybe he does and thats why is doing it.

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