Mothers Day

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Everything was almost perfect at the Jackson-Blowfis home. Paul had surprised Sally with breakfast in bed, blue pancakes that he had made from scratch himself. Like mother like son. The couple had spent the rest of morning cuddled up in bed watching an old movie Sally loved from when she was younger. They had a light lunch, a garden salad with apple slices. That afternoon they went for a walk in Central Park, watching all the happy families. The only thing that Sally was missing was her son and his wife. They hadn't called yet, Sally knew that it was dangerous for demigods to use cellphones but they could still IM her.

When Sally and Paul returned home from their walk. They were greeted by the sight of Annabeth and Percy jumping out and yelling surprise. Then everything was perfect. After the foursome had eaten dinner and were seated in the living room Percy gave Sally the news that would make this one of the best days ever. Sally was going to be a grandma.

A/N Sorry this is late, I was doing stuff all day yesterday and didn't get the chance to finish this. I know I haven't been updating much lately but hopefully I'll be able to update regularly again when summer rolls around.

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