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    I get confused by myself sometimes so forgive me if I um mess up on the days or something like that.

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Mags POV

   We walked through the front doors of the school. It lead straight into the main hall. Gasps rose up around us everwhere. Will walked by my right and Lizzi to my left. Whispers were all around us. Then, the cheerleaders cam. The head cheerleader Tammi stopped us in the middle of the hallway. I sighed and rolled my eyes.

     "What do you want?" I asked impatiently. I'm gonna kill her if she makes me late to class. And on the first day of school too. (Is it the first day of school? I'm a bit confused by myself. Oh well).

     "Uh duh girl. We came to say hi to the new boy. I trust we will be seeing you around uh-"

     "The name's Will."

     "That's right...Will."

   Tammi leaned forward to give Will a nice view of her um yeah. You know what I'm talking about. Oh my gosh. Has she no shame? And besides, I'm not planning to like just stand around here while they're flirting with each other.

     "Um. Sorry to interrupt, but as you can see, classes are starting and I'd be grateful if I'm not late," I said.

   Will turned to me.

     "Oh...I'm sorry. Um... Well, I'll talk to you later Tammi. Gotta go," Will said reluctantly.

   And now you know how a boy will act just for someone with cleavage. And I actually thought...Nevermind.

Will POV

   Man that girl was fine, but Mags looks a bit pissed off. We said bye to Liz at the second hallway that we passed and I followed Mags to her locker.

     "So, Mags, where do I put my stuff?" I asked her.

   She glared at me.

     "I trust that you got a locker number in your mail or something. I'd hate to be late to class because of you."

     "I did actually. It's locker number 319. The one that seems to be...right next to yours."

     "Uh!" She threw her hands up in the air, "Why God? Why?"

     "Excuse me?"

   She glanced at me.

     "'Oh...Sorry. Just pretend you didn't see that."


   And so, my first day of school started surprisingly awkwardly...

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