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Naruto and Hinata were childhood friends, they treat each other as bestfriends. Hinata knew that Naruto is in love with Sakura. She has feelings for Naruto, but she hides it because it might affect their friendship.After ten years, Naruto courts Sakura. She rejected Naruto and told him that she's in love with Sasuke.

"Why Sasuke?!" he asked.

"Because he's different from you Naruto, he's my ideal man," she answered.

Upon hearing this, he left Sakura's house and went to the Hyuuga's house.

"What are you doing here Naruto?" asked Hinata.

"Hinata!" Naruto hugged her tightly and he started to cry.

"I wil not ask you, just cry to release the pain inside your heart," she said.

Hinata is sad and she wants to cry too, "No, Naruto needs my help." She said to herself.

Naruto told her what happened and this makes her sadder, she gave a piece of advice. "Cheer up Naruto! It's not the end of your life, you must move on," she said to Naruto. "I love you and I'm sad when you're sad," she said to herself.

Naruto cheers up, "Thank you Hinata for that advice, you're my real friend!"

"A real friend only?" She thought to herself, she smiled at Naruto to hide the pain.

"I have to go now, and thanks again Hinata," he said nd leaves Hinata.

"Bye Naruto!" Hinata waves a him.

When Naruto was gone, Hinata fall o her knees and she let her tears fall ono her cheeks. Kiba and Akamaru were going to the park when they passed at the Hyuuga's house. They saw her crying so they approached her.

"What's wrong my little sis?" asked Kiba.

"It's nothing Kiba," she said wiping her tears.

Akamaru goes to her and licked her face, hinata laughs because of that. Kiba asked her again.

"What's your problem Hinata? Come on, tell it to me," he said.

Hinata looks down, sad, "What shall I do to make him happy again?"

"Who? Naruto?" he asked again.

Hinata nods at him then looks down gain.

"Did you told  him that you love him since we were in childhood days until now?" he asked again.

"No, I will keep it as my secret," she answered.

"And why? Do you want to protect your friendship with him even your heart is aching?" he asked continuously.

Hinata looks at him then nods. Tears fall again.

"You're a martyr one Hinata!" he exclaimed, "and he's too ignorant with your feelings towards him. 'll talk to him now!" he said and he is about to leave.

Hinata grabs his hand, "No, I'm okay now." She said.

"Are you sure? You're crying again," he said.

"I'm very fine now, I just want to be alone." She said.

"If that's your wish, we'll go now. Take care of yourself my little sis," he said. Akamaru barks at her to bid goodbye.

Hinata went inside the house and she locked herself in her room and burst into tears. She didn't go out of her room for three days and when Neji knocked at her door, she said that she wants to be alone. She feels empty inside and her cousin is now worrying about her. Kiba learned what's happening to Hinata from Neji. One day, Kiba saw Naruto and he punched Naruto.