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jisung was more than pleased with the storm.

he always found comfort in rain or thunder as it was something he always associated with his father.

after leaving the shop, jisung had found shelter in a nearby bus stop that was close to the dorm complex.

as a lighting bolt lit up the sky, jisung's lips formed a small smile.

even though he was soaked from the rain, jisung didn't mind.

smoothing his hair back from his forehead, he allowed his eyes to close as the thunder made itself known.

jisung couldn't help but laugh slightly as he remembered back to when he was younger.

his father had a huge fascination with storms and extreme weather in general.

for that reason, jisung always found himself running to his father's bedroom so they could watch a storm together.

his bedroom had two windows that were the height and width of the wall.

the pair would usually sit so jisung was on his father's lap, content with cuddling into his side.

his father would keep his arms around jisung's small frame, the younger watching in awe at how his father's eyes would sparkle while he fed his son's mind with facts about thunder and lightning.

jisung's father had passed away when jisung was just nine years old.

since then, whenever jisung couldn't stand to be in a house with his mother, and the man who he deemed a prolonged stranger, jisung would go for a walk whenever it got dark.

if there happened to be a heavy downpour or storm, jisung was more than comforted as he felt his father's spirit accompany him on his long, commonly aimless, journeys.

jisung's mother had never understood why jisung wouldn't try to get along with her new husband.

it had been almost ten years since jisung's father had passed, and yet jisung still couldn't come to terms with how his mother had moved on so quickly.

that's why he came to hate the place he was supposed to call home.

jisung had felt uncomfortable ever since his stepfather had moved in. he wanted to like him, though couldn't bring himself to even attempt to.

because of that, jisung had become unusually quiet around his mother, though she never bothered to comment on it.

now, jisung hardly recognised her as a mother.

when he had found out his mother had been seeing her new husband before his dad had died, jisung had wanted to leave home immediately.

but, as he was still a child and had no family near him, jisung was stuck in place.

therefore, he had jumped at the opportunity to leave his home and move into the dorms far away from that environment.

he had loved the idea of moving away from such an unwelcoming atmosphere.

unfortunately, after his first meeting with his roommate, that didn't seemed to be the case.

after being sat at the bus stop for what felt like no time at all, jisung realised he'd been out of the dorm for nearly two hours.

he'd been so alone with his thoughts that he hadn't even realised the storm had passed.

"shit." jisung mumbled to himself.

he took one last look at the sky and felt a sad smile creep onto his face.

after lifting up his bag of shopping, jisung slowly made his way back to the dorm.

he was unsure whether minho would be out of his room, probably greeting jisung with an intense scowl.

but, in all honesty, jisung didn't care.

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