Loner x Popular Love Trope (SFW)

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This guy is annoying.

He also happens to be the most popular guy in school.

Why is he even bothering you when you're a loner? (sorry 😬)

He's been pestering you, saying that he likes you.

"Hey (your name), did you know that I have the biggest crush on you?"

"(your name), do you like me? 'Coz I definitely like you!"

"Are you a match? 'Coz I think we're a lighter- oh f*ck I said that wrong."


You recalled his words, which he all said with a smile.

"What are ya thinking about, cutie?" The popular, annoying guy, interrupted your thoughts.

"Oh, nothing. Just thinking about how I'm gonna confess to you." (You were a loner, but you sure liked to tease people).

"Wait what?! Guys! (your name)'s gonna confess to me!" He stumbled to his friends who were laughing at him because he eventually tripped.

"Wait, wait, you didn't even let me finish! I said I was thinking about how I'm gonna confess to you- r friend." You smiled, sinisterly.

He let out an exaggerated gasp and acted as if arrows struck his heart. "(your name).. You adorable little devil."


"Yes, (your name)?" Your teacher acknowledged you, raising your hand.

"The answer should be Iodine ma'am with the atomic number of 53, and it belongs to the Halogen group." You smiled, confident about your answer.

"You never fail to impress me, (your name). Let's give them a hand, shall we?" Your teacher praised.

Everybody cheered and clapped their hands.

"THAT'S MY CRUSH RIGHT THERE! SO DAMN SMART! I think I like you even more now.." (his name) exclaimed all of a sudden.

"Mr. (his name)! I know you have this infatuation with (your name) but please keep quiet and sit down!" The teacher scolded.

"Oops.. yes ma'am!" (his name) shyly smiled.

As the teacher continued discussing, you turned your head to see what (his name) was doing.

You saw him writing something on a paper, whispering to someone and passing it to them.

You wondered what that was but soon continued paying attention to class.

You felt someone tap your shoulder.

You turned around to see your classmate.

"I think you'll know who this is from." She said as she passed you a folded piece of paper.

You thanked her and turned back around, opening the paper.

Written on the paper was: "If you're so smart at chemistry, I think 53 71 23 92."

The next day, you walked in the classroom with everybody looking at you.

You ignored them and went to sit on your seat.

(his name) then went to the seat infront of you.

"What's this all about now?" You rolled your eyes as (his name) was right in front of you, smiling stupidly.

"Don't play coy with me now. You adorable little devil." He teasingly scrunched his nose.

"What do you mean by this then?" He showed you a screenshot of a tweet you posted last night saying, "I Lu V U 2".

Your eyes went wide. "Th- that's.." You tried to say, but then he cuts you off.

"That's the letter I gave you right? That's your response right?" He says, excitedly.

"How'd you get this? I was sure you didn't follow me on twitter. I kept my account private!" You said.

"Well, I don't, but the girl who passed you the letter does. She sent this screenshot to me. She probably read the letter too." He said.

'I'm so gonna have a... talk with that.. girl' You thought as your eye twitched.

"Does this mean we're.." (his name) peered hopeful as he awaited for your answer (along with your classmates who were secretly listening, wanting the both of you to kiss already).

You were about to say something when the bell rang.

"Okay class, please settle down." The teacher said as she began her lecture, and (his name) stood up to go back to his seat.

You followed him with your eyes and saw that he was tearing up, hiding his face in his arms once he was seated, briefly thrashing his legs under the table like a child throwing a tantrum.

"Mr. (his name)? Would you like to tell me why you aren't paying attention to my class?" The teacher said.

You heard him groan as he stood up slowly, quickly wiping his cheeks.

"I'm not listening.. because.. (your name) is messing with my head. You see, I gave them this letter saying that I love them, but not directly though as I said it through the elements' atomic numbers, I know, pretty clever of me, but then the night after that, they tweeted something, responding to my letter! And now, I was about to get an answer from them, about that tweet, but then you barged in ma'am... I'm sorry." (his name) ranted, or rather, rapped.

"Hm.. well then.. Seeing that I'm apparently the reason why Mr. (his name) is distressed, I should take responsibility." The teacher said.

You suddenly felt nervous as you thought that you were probably going to be involved in this "responsibility".

"Stand up, (your name)."

Not wanting to get in trouble, you obeyed your teacher.

"(your name), dear. Is there something you would like to say to (his name)?" Your teacher smiled cheekily.

You heard your classmates giggling as you turned around to face (his name).

You saw him being all antsy as he waited for you to do something.

You sighed as you thought of the one thing you could do which involved embarrassment for both you, and maybe him.

You walked towards him as he widened his eyes at your approaching form.

You stopped right infront of him, held him in place by firmly holding his arms.

The class watched in anticipation as you tiptoed, your faces slowly inching closer, lips almost touching.

He closed his eyes as your lips met... with his cheek.

You let go of him and he just blinked at you.

"I hope that answers your question. So just.. stop whining and pay attention to class already!" You glared at him with your cheeks tinted red.

You were going to go back to your seat when he suddenly grabbed your arm and hugged you.

"I love you so much, my adorable little devil." (his name) whispered into your ear as the class cheered for the both of you, happy that their ship finally sailed.

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