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(5 years later)

I heard tiny footsteps running down the stairs followed by the sound of Toby and Esther following. And followed by a loud thud.

I shook my head before walking out the kitchen when Hailey cried. When I walked out Toby and Esther pawing at her head as if they were trying to calm her down.

"Daddy!" she cried and made grabby hands at me. I sighed before picking her up and settled her on my hips.

"What did I say about running on the stairs sweetheart?" I asked her while she nuzzled her face on to my neck.

It's been 5 years since Ella left, nobody know where she's gone. She didn't leave a note or anything, she's just.. gone.

We tried everything to find her. Everything but nobody got a clue.

"D-daddy, Aunt Shay said she's taking me to the mall today but she said to ask for your permission."

"Sure baby, I'll call her later. And daddy's going to work today so you'll have to spend the days with Aunt Kylie or Shay." I kissed her chubby cheeks. She giggled and nodded.

Such a cute sweet baby.

Adams Inc. I don't know where to begin about that company. It's falling down, many people tried to take the position as a CEO even though they know that I'm taking it over as Bieber Corporation group and they know not to mess with me, some of the bastards still have the audacity to mess things up.

The Adams were losing the investors and they're money.


"What is this?!" I barked as I slammed the papers against the desk and glared at the man who stood right in front of me.

"I-i sorry sir but the Adams Inc had to close, they don't have their markets any longer nor any investors." he apologized. I groaned and rubbed my temple using my index finger and my thumb.

"Get out." I told him

"But sir-"

"I said get out!" I screamed at him. He stumbled before running away. "Jesus fucking Christ." I muttered before picking up my phone and dialed Shay's number.

"Helooo!" I heard her greeted cheerfully.

"What's Hailey doing?" I asked her

"She's doing fine, she's playing with Andrew right now and Kylie is coming over in a few." she said. "Andrew! Hey Andrew stop doing that! She's gonna die from laughing!" she laughed so hard.

I smiled before saying goodbye to her. Even though that Ella's gone from my life and maybe she will never come back, but life is good.

And even though what Ella's did was selfish and so inconsiderate, she's the woman I loved. And it'll always be that way.

I know one thing, that she loved me and she loved Hailey so much that she thought running away from us is the only way to save me.

As much as I hate to say this, maybe this is my own happy ending. Without Ella, just Hailey.

But it always gets me thinking at night, what happened to Ella. What was she doing, where she lived and all that.

And I still want her back in my life.

I turned to my side to see a picture of Ella and I on our wedding day hung perfectly on the wall of my office. We both looked so happy.

And next to our wedding picture was a picture of Ella holding Hailey for the first time, we don't have a picture of the three of us as a family. But I think it's good enough.

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