Chapter 17: "When Meg Met John"

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Deific Intervention


Term used to refer to the direct intervention of so-called Gods and Goddesses in the affairs of mortal races. In the millennia between the end of the first age of men and beginning of the third, the Gods kept their activities on Earth to a minimum. Following the Cataclysm and the beginning of the third age, the Gods returned in force.


            - University of New Lazlo Database (Updated 100 PA)


"The old Gods and the new will walk the Earth side by side with the mortal races of the earth. Some will stand with mortal races and some will seek to use and degrade us. In the end, the races of the earth must stand on our own or we will never be free."


            - The Collected Prophecies of Tamara Walker



Somewhere Else

Some When Else

            "Get as mad as you want Meg Carson, none of this is real," the man with the hammer said.

            "I don't believe you," Meg hissed. "This is my home. I grew up here and you aren't taking me anywhere!"

            "Do you know who I am?" the man asked.

            "You're not real," Meg answered not sounding as sure as she had before.

            "I am very real Meg Carson," the man continued relentlessly. "I have been a friend of humanity for thousands of years. I stood by your race when the Old Ones attempted to reassert their dominance on your world. I stood by humanity when Atlantis disappeared beneath the waves and into the foam. And when the world broke and chaos reigned, I did all I could to protect as many as I could. I am Thor, son of Odin, son of Frigga, protector of Midguard, and I am here to help you."

            "This isn't real," Meg reaffirmed now in the voice of a scared child. "This isn't real. I want to go home."

            "You are home Meg Carson," Thor said sadly. "You need to wake up."

            "Why are you here?" Meg asked, the bright aura surrounding her body dimming.

            "I'm not," Thor laughed, "right now I am safe in home in Asgard. Our seers saw that the Ring was returned to Midguard and I was dispatched to make contact with you."

            "What is this thing?" Meg asked pointing to her chest.

            "In order to explain that we must speak face to face," Thor responded a boyish grin on his face.

            Meg didn't know she was going to do it, but the expression on the thunder god's face caused her to bust out in a full-throated laugh. "Does that line actually work on women?" she asked fighting to control herself.

            "More often than you'd think," Thor laughed. "But in order to truly explain this to you, I will need to see you in the real world. I do not know how long it will take but be watchful, I am coming."

            His image faded and his voice quieted as he talked. He grinned one last time before completely disappearing.

            "I guess I'll be waiting," Meg said sighing in resignation.

            "Waiting for what?" a new voice asked.

            Meg should have been shocked but she wasn't. Somehow she'd known there was a new presence her mind before he ever spoke. She turned and smiled crookedly at the young man looking at her from the back of the garage. He was tall, thin, and handsome in a boyish way. He also radiated significant amounts of mystic energy.

            "Waiting for the next step in this fucked up journey," she answered. "Now, who the hell are you and what are you doing inside of my head?"

            "My name is John Anders," he answered holding up a calming hand. "And I'm here to help you wake up."

            "Why?" she chuckled. "It's my head, I can leave whenever I want."

            "Really?" John asked cocking an eyebrow. "So do it. Wake up Meg."

            Meg closed her eyes and concentrated, but nothing happened.

            "Why can't I leave?" she asked sounding concerned for the first time since she woke up under her Jeep.

            "You tapped the power of the Ring when you fought the Thorns," John continued. "But you had no idea how to control it and it sapped you of your own strength."

            "What does that even mean?!" Meg demanded getting visibly angry.

            John hesitated.

            "Answer me," Meg demanded coldly.

            "I'm not sure," John finally admitted. "I thought the Ring of Potential was a myth. When the dreams of its return started I was more shocked than anyone else."

            "I understand the words coming out of your mouth, but you're not making any sense," Meg shot back irritably. "I have been ripped from my home, thrust into a nightmare future, and had the shit scared out of my about a bazillion times. I'm through just passively taking it all in. I want some answers and I want them pretty gods damned quick."

            "I can give you some," John said, "but we need to return to the real world. It's tiring for me to remain here and you friends are worried about you."

            "What friends?" Meg asked confused.

            "I don't know their names but they're all gathered around you in the infirmary waiting for you to wake up."

            "The Grey Bears are worried about me?" she asked incredulously.

            "Yes," John chuckled. "The little room you're sleeping in is filled with a bunch of hardened warriors wringing their hands."

            "I want to go home," Meg finally said.

            "I can't take you back to your time," John said walking toward her. "There are few rules when it comes to magic, but one of them is that you can't travel back in time. The past is the past. But I can wake you up, I can take you back to the real world, and once we're there the real work can begin."

            "I'm scared," Meg whispered.

            John reached out and took her hand in his own. "I know, and you should be."

            Meg looked at him in surprise.

            "Things are worse than you know," he continued, "but you're stronger than you know. You're stronger than the forces arrayed against us realize. The people need you Meg."

            "Alright," she said squaring her shoulders and adjusting her stance. The fear and uncertainty drained away to be replaced by cool confidence. "Wake me up John. Let's go home."

To Be Continued


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