Chapter | 33

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Warning: soft hours, can be romantic but no romanticizing or we cut down Adan's pp to 4/12 inches

It was a peaceful night with no screaming from their prisoner because the Arks laced the rogue vampire's blood drip with a certain amount of THC so he's too tired while they transfer him out of the basement. He still managed to try clawing and biting any Ark that goes near him, especially Adan, so Prince Ryūji volunteered to carry him up.

Seraphine is still gnawing at Ryūji's shoulder, but is too high to exert effort; or maybe deep inside, he couldn't hurt him.

"He seems too dangerous to not be put in high security, your highness..." Adan warns him, concerned for their safety especially Shen. They're just watching Seraphine chew on Ryūji's hand, slobbering and not breaking skin.

"Stop with the name and call me Ryūji." He sighs at Seraphine, "But, I agree. I allowed you to put a shock collar on him, but make sure it's only enough to startle and not hurt him in any way."

"Mahiro has 12 hours to design a lightweight minimalistic collar for him... until his blood flushes out the drugs. I believe he is a strong person though, Prince Ryūji, so a tingle will not discipline him."

Ryūji smiles since he knows Seraphine is too strong for a meek shock collar, and he reaches with his other hand to caress the vampire's hair. Seraphine jumps and brings his fangs out threateningly, but still refuses to break skin on the hand he's chewing.

"Then, I'll discipline him," says Ryūji.

Adan really doesn't trust Diwa's second hand. Seraphine is so sinful that Adan will be able to kill him all the way through, but since Prince Ryūji demanded for his survival, the Arks can't pass judgement.

"Very well, Prince Ryūji." The Royal still hates the name. Adan politely says, "I will leave him in your capable hands. But best believe that the moment Seraphine attacks any of my brothers, or lay a hand on Shen, I will not hesitate to disobey you."

the next morning,

Seraphine woke up with a clearer mind, clear as the anger and confusion he has felt in this unfamiliar place. He is in a minimalistic bedroom with grey sheets, walls painted white with one wall accented a cool grey. Seraphine was woken up by a clang on the floor, courtesy of someone dropping a spoon from the breakfast meal on the side table.

When the person who brought it looked up, the intruder yelped and fell backwards at the sight of a very beautiful red-eyed vampire with silky long black hair staring at him.


Seraphine cringed at the dark skinned boy who is looking at him with terrified doe eyes. "You stink."

"H-huh?" Shen pulls his shirt up to sniff it, embarrassed.

Seraphine didn't see any threat in this boy and he was too hungry to care so he leans over to the tray and grabs the streak with his bare hands to munch on it. "You're a shifter. All shifters stink like áss."

"Oh." Shen's eyes shyly cast downward. "Please not tell them I come here. I know you are injured on the hand, so I want to clean it. I hope you enjoy the food, too."

"Mmm. Rare and bloody... I like it..." Seraphine looks at the seemingly timid boy. He really doesn't look like a threat with his oversized wooly cardigan and soft puffy hair. "Little rebel, huh? Why aren't you allowed here?"

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