I'm So Sorry Guys

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Sorry Guys

I hate to  tell you this, but I'm not really sure about these books anymore. My mother passed away yesterday while I was at school, and I really have no words for that. I would love to keep updating, and I know she would want me to. She loved hearing about my books, and I know she would be disappointed if I stopped. I know keeping myself busy and writing will help, but I'm sure you can understand if you ever had a loved one that passed away.

What kills me the most is that I had a stupid argument with her Saturday  morning, and I hung up on her. I usually call her just to get over our stupid little arguments, but I didn't and now she's gone. I didn't even tell her that I loved her.  Last night when I was home, I usually wake up in the middle of the night, and it's weird because we wake up at the same time, and I was just waiting for her to come check up on me like she usually does, but knew she couldn't because she was no longer here. I couldn't even sleep last night....

I want to continue guys, just please give me some time. Maybe I'll jump back and start updating. I don't know, but I hope you guys understand.  I wanted to tell you guys so soon instead of waiting because you all are like my family. Don't think because I'm not replying to any of your comments that it means that I don't see it. I see each and every one of your comments, and it puts a big smile on my face.

I know the last time I put up an a/n about my mother, a lot of you message me and told me to add you on kik. I don't have that, but if any one of you ever needed to talk because something is going on, or you're having a bad day, or you're just having a good day and you want to talk to someone, add me on Snapchat. For those of you who might be assholes and think I'm giving this because I want sympathy, don't think that. I had enough of that shit yesterday. It doesn't feel good. I appreciate the concerns from some people, but some people were just babying me. I just really want to help people and be there for them if something is wrong.  I love connecting with you all. So again, my Snapchat is xomaraaaaox. Message me if you ever need to talk. Tell me about your day, tell me about school. (: I promise to answer!

Love you all with all of my heart.


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