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"Emily hates me.  I just want her to be safe." Scott said emotionally.

"Scott it's not her fault that she's behaving like this. She just lost her brother." Stiles said tapping scoot's shoulder.

"I know. But she can't be near darek. " scott said annoyingly

"Derek will not hurt her. He doesn't even care about her. " stiles replied.

"That's my point stiles. He doesn't care about her. I can't trust him with emily" scott said. His eyes were glowing.

"Scott stop it. What is wrong with you? And why the hell are you losing control?"  Stiles panicked

"I can't stop thinking about her. I have to meet her. I have to protect her." Scott growled at stiles.

"Scott calm down. She's not in danger.  You can't do this to her. Remember all the time you made her mad. She's  going through rough time." Stiles said making him remember what happened between him and emily.

"I remember what happened.  My wolf wants to protect her. I haven't seen her from two days. She's making me crazy." Scott said while breaking his index finger.

"Scott just think about Allison. Don't let your wolf take control over your human side. Pain will help you" Stiles said.

Scott is trying to control himself.  He doesn't even understand what's happening with him? Why he wants to protect emily so badly?

"Stiles I need to see her again . Please can we visit her now. She's only talking to you. " scott's pleading to stiles to let him meet emily.

"Okay fine. But remember you can't make her mad again." Stiles command scott.

"I promise. " scott replied.

At hospital.

"How is emily doing now?" Mallisa asked jenna.

"She's fine now. " jenna replied to mallisa.

"Andrew is waiting for his usual check up. " mellisa tells jenna.

"Okay. I'll see you around. "  jenna replied.

"Hi. How's my favourite patient doing?" Jenna asked Andrew

"I'm good doc. Just here for my routine check up." Andrew replied to jenna. 

Jenna examined Andrew and everything was normal.

"Okay. Well you look fine. " jeena said.

"Hey doc. Do you know emily? " Andrew was pointing towards my picture in jenna's table.

"Yes. She's my niece.  Do you know her?" Jenna asked with surprise.

"Actually not really.  We just met once at the coffee shop." Andrew replied.

"Oh that's great.  You should hangout with her. She's new to this place. I know you guys will get along" said jenna.

"Yes. I hope so. " Andrew replied shyly.

"I have your phone number.  I'll give it to em so guys can contact each other." Said jenna.

"Thanks. It's so nice of you doc. " Andrew said smiling .

"Any time kiddo. " said jenna.

Derek's loft

"Erica why do hate emily? "  said issac with lots of curiosity.

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