Chapter 1

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I got out of the taxi and grabbed my bags.

"Thank you." I told the driver before he drove off. I sighed then looked at the houses in front of me. I walked up the stair and knocked on the door in front of me. A blonde girl came and knocked on the door.

"Hi um i'm Rachel Grace I talked to you over then phone, I'm your new roommate." I told her shyly.

"Oh right yes, come on in. I'm Perrie by the way." I shook her hand.

"Well you can leave your bags here and I can give you the tour of the house." I nodded to her then followed her around the house.

"Okay here is the living room, and down the hall is the bathroom. This is the kitchen. We don't have a dining room but we do have a small table in the kitchen. The laundry room is over there and that's the downstairs. Upstairs is your room on the right and my room on the left. If you need anything don't be afraid to ask. Down the hall is another bathroom and a linen closet next to it. We have the cleaning cabinet down the hall and to the left and that's pretty much it. Small but cozy." I nodded

"Oh ah here the first 3 months rent." I handed her an envelope.

"Why so much? Are you running away from someone or something?" she joked.

"No I just like to plan ahead. I think i'm going to be staying here for a while."

"If I may ask why did you move to England."

"Well its always been a dream of mine. And I finished college and I thought why not. I've saved up enough money." Perrie nodded.

"So I take it by your accent that you've lived here all your life."

"Actually I lived in another part of England but I wanted to move here so I did it's only a 3 hour drive to my old home." She said as if it was the most causal thing in the world.

"Oh before you got here I was about to go get a cup of tea would you like to join me?" She asked as she began to slip on her coat.

"Ah sure why not." I followed her

"You don't have a coat?" She asked me confused.

"No why is it that cold?"

"It's February it one of the colder seasons here but most of the time it's rainy and muggy." I laughed.

"I'll go buy one tomorrow on my way home from work." She nodded.

"So where are you working?" Perrie asked me as we walked.

"I got a job at a day care about two blocks away. What about you what do you do?" I asked her.

"I work at a bakery. It's a bit plain but it pays the bills." I nodded.

"Oh look here we are." Perrie opened the door and walked in. She slipped off her coat and hug it on the coat rack.

"Um I think you should order for me I'm not used to this." She smiled at me and nodded.

"Hi Perrie what can I get you?" The guy asked her.

"Hi Ryan I'll get my usual but two please. My new roommate just got here. Thought i'd show her my favorite tea spot." She giggled at the end.

"Coming right up." Perrie went and sat down at an empty table.

"So that dude Ryan do you like him?" I asked her.

"What I don't fancy him. We're just friends."

"Right that's exactly what my ex-boyfriend said." I mumbled.

"Here is your tea."

"Thank you Ryan." He smiled at Perrie then walked away.

"You so like him."

"Do not." I looked down at my tea and saw that is was a tan color.

"Perrie I think somethings wrong with my tea." She looked in my cup.

"No that's how it's supposed to be. In England we put creamer in our tea." I nodded then took a sip.

"It's good but I think i'll stick to making my own tea." I mumbled then took another sip. Perrie laughed at me. I heard the bell on the door go off. I turned around and saw these rough looking guys come in.

"Rachel I think we should go." Perrie seemed a little uneasy.

"Why?" I asked.

"I'll explain later." Perrie quickly grabbed her wallet and put the money on the table. She grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the cafe'

"Perrie what's going on? Why did you get all jumpy when those guys came in?" Perrie stopped in her tracks.

"Okay those guys. There in a gang. The leaders name is Niall Horan. They aren't like the gangs in america. They basically own the city. They kill for fun. They sell drugs and women. Their bad people. But the reason I was uneasy back there is the second in command you could say has been stalking me for the past 2 weeks." She continued to walk again.

"Just promise to stay away from them they are bad news."

"Yea I promise." I told her. I looked back at the cafe' and I locked eyes with the blonde one. He just smirked at me.

Why is he smirking and why at me?


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